Spring Practice Player Profile: Jason Allen

Jason came to Tennessee looking as if he would be a safety after a year under the John Chavis system. Well someone forgot to tell Allen he couldn't play corner because he has had two solid days as the leading candidate for the vacant spot formerly occupied by Willie Miles.

On Thursday and Friday, Jason Allen and Antwan Stewart battled each other for the right to get the bulk of the snaps at corner. Allen has done a solid job covering the best Tennessee has at the wide receiver position.

Allen's 6-3 frame makes him a hard defender to throw the ball over and Tennessee's quarterbacks have found that very thing to be true. Captain Casey Clausen has thrown two interceptions to Allen over the first two practices.

Allen and Stewart have both caught Coach Phillip Fulmer's eye as well. Every once and awhile, you can see him scouting the two of them closely. Fulmer even commented on the two of them in the Friday practice report.

On Friday afternoon, Allen gave C.J. Fayton, Chris Hannon and Tony Brown all they cared to have. Physical coverage seemed to throw the receivers game off today whereas yesterday they were able to play touch-and-go football with the secondary. Jason made the wideouts work for everything they caught today. One play for example, Allen bumped Derrick Tinsley and picked off a deflected pass.

Allen's prospectus at corner caught my eye back in August on the baseball field during two-a-days. I just so happened to be watching Allen when he lined up against Kelley Washington. KW was completely healthy which made the play even more surprising. Washington got a great push on Allen and ran a corner pattern towards the designated endzone area. Allen quickly recovered and went over the top of Kelley to swat the ball away. After hearing that Jason was "destined" to be a safety, I first began to think he could play corner in the SEC.

Captain and starting free safety Rashad Baker has always said he loves Allen's ability to play tight man coverage, while still being as physical as he is. If Baker's eye for talent is half as good as his eye for an interception, he could be onto something.

As we are on the road to the Orange and White game, don't be surprised if you continue to hear good things about the Muscle Shoals native and his tremendous play in the secondary.

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