Defensive coordinator exciting Vols

Justin Wilcox might lack experience in comparison to the Volunteers defensive coordinator from 2009, but the Volunteers have complete confidence in their new coach. The Vols talked with InsideTennessee about their new man during SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala.

During the fall of last season you couldn't go more than a few days without hearing about the expertise of defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

With the elder gone there is a new cat in town, Justin Wilcox, and players are already paying compliments to their new coordinator.

"Coach Wilcox brings a lot to the table as far as front and schemes," said senior linebacker Nick Reveiz. "He is a true players' coach, he is a young guy and he knows how to relate really well."

Reveiz was one of a few players that raved about the defensive schemes of Monte Kiffin, but just months later he isn't any less excited about playing for Wilcox.

"I loved Monte and I didn't think you could top Monte, but coach Wilcox came in here and impressed me so much," Reveiz said.

"It makes you get excited to play for him. He knows his stuff and I am excited to see what his schemes are going to be each week."

Defensive end Chris Walker said that although Kiffin's knowledge was impeccable, he believes Wilcox's system fits the Volunteers.

"It has been fun to get into his system," Walker said. "His system fits a lot of our players better than the previous system. We are excited to see how it plays out on the field."

Walker maintained that Wilcox's youth serves him will when working with the Tennessee defense.

"Monte Kiffin was great. Soaking in the wisdom he gave us in just one year," said Walker. "With coach Wilcox, he brings a young dynamic and he knows a lot about football."

Before joining the Volunteers, Wilcox held the defensive coordinator position at Boise State. Wilcox helped lead the Broncos to a perfect 14-0 record during the 2009 season.

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