Best friends unite on field

Three best friends have finally found their way to the same side of the football. Go "Inside" to read this in-depth article about best friends Janzen Jackson, Eric Gordon and Marsalis Teague.

Eric Gordon, Janzen Jackson and Marsalis Teague. Three best friends who couldn't seem to find their way onto the field at the same time.

Then all of a sudden with some big-time recruits at receiver and a shortage at defensive back Teague got the call to defense.

"I was pumped up because we are really tight," said Jackson, a safety. "Ever since we came in we have been really close. He was the only one that was on the other side of the ball."

Teague admits he was a little uneasy about the move at first, but then realized it was the best way to help his team.

"I was feeling indifferent about it at first," said Teague. "Once I sat down and talked to Coach Dooley again, he said how much it would help the team and I was all for it."

After a full spring competing against the defense it was a little strange to be guarding the receivers that helped him grow so much as a freshman.

"It's really weird for me from a receiver standpoint," said Teague. "Gerald Jones and Denarius Moore they were like brothers to me as far as helping me grow as a receiver, looking out for me and constantly coaching me up. Now lining up going against them it's kind of funny."

It was kind of funny for Gordon and Jackson as well. Teague heard no shortage of jokes when his teammates heard he was making the switch.

"They kind of messed with me about that when they first found out," said Teague. "They told me the only reason why they moved me over there is because I hang with them so much."

"We used to pick at him a lot and now he is at cornerback," said Jackson.

With the trio of sophomores all at the same position they truly are inseparable.

"We are always together and everybody always sees us together in the complex," said Teague. "Everyone says that the reason why I got moved over. They felt like I belonged on the defensive side of the ball."

Jackson seems to think Teague couldn't hang with his buddies playing against them so he had to switch it up.

"He just took on the role, ‘if you can't be them join them," said Jackson with a smile. "It's going to be fun. It's going to make our college experience a lot better."

With two best friends at his new position Teague has no shortage of tips at cornerback.

"They have helped me out a lot as far as knowledge of the playbook," said Teague.

Gordon said he is excited to not only help his friend, but to get a few tips from a former wide receiver.

"I am excited that we are going to be on the same side I can teach him a few things that I have learned and hopefully he can teach me a few things that he knows," said Gordon.

It's always been a dream to play together and now that dream has been realized. No one could be more excited than the three defensive backs.

"We always talked about how great it would be if we could all be on the field at the same time," said Gordon. "Now it's reality."

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