Dooley Embraces History

After the disastrous year of Lane Kiffin there is no doubt Tennessee fans are ready for a head coach that embraces the traditions of Tennessee football. Go "Inside" to read what the head coach had to say about tradition.

Lane Kiffin was an absolute nightmare for the average Tennessee football traditionalist.

For all the Tennessee fans that can recite the General's maxims in the living room before the Vols hit the field, Derek Dooley may be more your style.

"I have been doing my research on the traditions and they haven't," said Derek Dooley of his players, "the traditions and how we are going to use them."

Dooley will fully restore the tradition of the Vol Walk in 2010, which was revamped under Kiffin. The Vols will follow the traditional route at the normal pre-game time. What will the Vols be wearing? That has yet to be revealed.

Under previous coaching regimes the Volunteers were all dressed to impress in their best three-piece suits. Kiffin lowered the standard, as the Vols entered Neyland Stadium in black windsuits.

One thing is for certain: Dooley won't do anything halfway. His mindset is if you don't do it all the way, it's not worth doing it at all.

"Traditions are only good if you truly embrace them," said Dooley. "If you say we are doing this, but you don't really invest in it and do it the right way then you shouldn't even do it.

"The ones that we are going to hone in on we are going to do it right. I believe in that. Otherwise we wouldn't do it."

Dooley may have been testing his team all fall, but that won't be flipped Wednesday. It's the nature of being the teacher.

"You guys will be evaluating me outside the locker room. Inside the locker room there won't be anyone evaluating, which is how I like it with the team," said Dooley with a smile.

The Volunteers will have their first go at the Tennessee traditions when they have their dress rehearsal Wednesday afternoon.

"We are going to do a walk-through of everything to get ready for the first game," said Dooley. "Starting with the Vol Walk, our pre-game in the locker room, the maxims, we are going to run out and pretend like there is a T. I might get the media in attendance to help us form a T."

InsideTennessee's James Bryant is among a select few that will be able to attend Wednesday's mock game as a result of exemplary attendance throughout fall camp.

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