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It's's goal to cover UT Recruiting like no other. To complete that goal and effort we have joined forces with one of the strongest and in tuned recruit fans on any of the message boards. Go "Inside" this Free read (This week only) to see what HamptonVol13 and James Bryant had to say about Tennessee Recruiting.

It's's goal to cover UT Recruiting like no other. To complete that goal and effort we have joined forces with one of the strongest and in tuned recruit fanatics on any of the message boards.

Join HamptonVol13 and myself James Bryant the and Inside Tennessee Recruiting expert each week on Friday mornings to get all of your recruiting questions answered. Post your questions during the week and we will do our best to answer as many questions as possible.

QUESTION 1: What defensive tackles will we sign this year? Please rank from most likely to least likely.

James' Answer: Gabe Wright, Maurice Couch, Sheldon Richardson, Mickey Johnson, Terry Bell, Shaquille Love, Lonnie Gosha.

Hampton's Answer: 1. Johnson, Wright, Bell, Gosha, Williams, Couch

Question 2: What Defensive ends do we have the best shot at and how many defensive tackles will we sign in this class.

James' Answer: I think we sign Jordan Williams, a 50-50 shot at Anthony Chickillo, not a chance at Stephen Tuitt. I think UT signs at least three defensive tackles if not four.

Hampton's Answer: Like at Defensive Tackle, we are going for nothing but the best at Defensive End. I believe we have the best shot at Newberry of the guys we are heavily targeting, but they are all about the same. We will sign at least 4 guys who can play the 4-3 DT or the 3-4 DL positions. I consider this the same position recruiting wise. We already have 2.

Question 3: What LB's are left on the board that we still have a chance to sign?

James' Answer: A. J. Johnson, Jaiari Dunaway, Gioni Paul, LaTeek Townsend, Lamar Dawson, and LaQuentin Smith

Hampton's Answer: Lateek Townsend, A.J. Johnson, Gionni Paul, and Jaiari Dunaway look like our best chances. Townsend will be the hardest pull of the group. Other guys will give us visits (Lamar Dawson, C.J. Johnson, etc), but they will be more difficult to land.

Question 4: Does Athlete Damian Swann still have us under consideration and how likely is he to visit?

James' Answer: He keeps saying we are in his top five, to me that gets UT a visit if it doesn't change.

Hampton's Answer: I do not think the Vols are in his mind much. We are 5th at best for him right now. I don't see us getting a visit at this point.

Question 5: Will any of our current commits give us a leg up on signing someone on our wish list? I hear Pat Martin is wearing out the phones... Usually signing a QB helps with future commits but hasn't noticed that much with Worley. What's your opinion?

James' Answer: Rajion Neal will have an impact with Avery Walls. I think Pat Martin will have an effect on several guys and I think that the reason Worley isn't making a big impact is the fact of how solid we are at Wide out.

Hampton's Answer: Martin is helping quite a bit on the trail, especially with Townsend, Wright, and Dallas. He has been talking with Antonio Richardson too. I have not heard much out of Worley since he committed.

Question 6: What are the chances we finish our offensive class with Arnett, Dallas, Clear, Richardson, & Seymour?

James' Answer: Arnett 35 percent Dallas 65 percent Clear 55 percent Richardson 85 percent Seymour 45 percent

Hampton's Answer: I am not sure Seymour is a take. I think we get Richardson, Clear, and Dallas. Arnett will be a battle until NSD, and UT is sitting in good position right now.

Question 7: With a time bomb fixing to explode at UNC and trouble at USCe, how will this affect in regards to recruits this year?

James' Answer: I think it could help out some in South Carolina and with some Florida athletes that might be thinking about South Carolina. Look for the Gamecocks recruiting to take a hit if Spurrier leaves at the end of the season.

Hampton's Answer: One guy that immediately came to mind is Blake Countess. He has not been offered by UNC, but he has always been rumored to be a Tar Heel if he does get the offer. Now with the NCAA troubles, that could help push him even more to UT if he does get a UNC offer.

Question 8: More specifically, are there any recruits we are competing with NC for or have committed to NC that could be swayed to Tennessee?

James' Answer: Perhaps Romar Morris, maybe Eric Ebron.

Hampton's Answer: I don't really know a whole lot about UNCs commits because Tennessee really hasn't pursued any of them, but I do think you could see Kiaro Holts open it back up before NSD.

Question 9: How in the heck are we down to 72 scholarship players?

James' Answer: This is easy; I broke it down the other day on the radio. We only have 10 players out of 31 from the class of 2007, 14 out of 18 from 2008 and 17 out of 24 from 2009.

Hampton's Answer: By my roster, we are at 79 scholarship players. 3 coaching staffs in 3 years have made the attrition insane. Our players can't seem to stay out of trouble either. Those are the 2 main reasons in my opinion.

Question 10: Who are our top 3 targets and how does it look as far as us getting them.

James" Answer: Antonio Richardson, Gabe Wright, and Avery Walls. All three have a great chance of being Vols.

Hampton's Answer: Antonio Richardson, Cameron Clear, and Gabe Wright. I think the Vols will land Richardson and Clear. I'm not sure what Wright will do when it comes time, but I have the feeling it will be an Auburn-Tennessee battle on NSD.

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