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Question: Are there any new names of HS prospects popping up since the HS games have started? Someone who has appeared on the radar with impressive performances and who we have a good shot to get.

James Answer: Ameer Abdullah, Barron Dixon and Quinton Pompey. Also look for this number to increase as the coaching staff is on the road evaluating. A new name always pops up here and there.

HamptonVol13 Answer: Ameer Abdullah just got an offer this week from the Vols. We are recruiting him as a DB. His stock has really risen in the past month. DE Barron Dixon is another guy to watch. He doesn't hold an offer, but we like him. He got a call from the staff.

Question: Is it possible to project where we are at our major needs and wants at this point? Maybe a list numerically of needs and then some added wants. Also a projection of possibility of these prospects or when we could see them pulling the trigger for a school.

James Answer:Richardson-leads may announce at Army All American Bowl Wright—He will be the surprise of this class. While they say Auburn leads, don't be surprised when he signs with UT. Clear- A battle between Florida and Tennessee, I think the Vols prevail because he wants to stay close to home. Sammy Watkins-This five star athlete has named UT in his top five recently. He likes UT and getting a full court press from Coach Hinshaw. Coach will be seeing his game tonight. Avery Walls-I think UT leads here, could happen as early as next weekend. Mickey Johnson- two team battle, UT is definitely in it. Derek King- Two team battle between Ole Miss and Tennessee. His dad played for the Rebels.

HamptonVol13 Answer: Antonio Richardson- lead. around NSD Cam Clear- top 3. end of the season. Gabe Wright- top 3. around NSD Mickie Johnson- tied as leader. around NSD Terry Bell- top 5. November Lonnie Gosha- top 5. not sure DeAntony Arnett- top 2. not sure. Avery Walls- lead. sometime this fall. Derek King- top 2. not sure.

Question: Which if our current commits will increase their stock with their performance this season (another way of saying who is the most likely to be better than currently rated)?

James Answer: Carson Allen has already made a jump from two star to three star. Pat Martin is a three star with Scout and a four star with the other network; I'm hoping to see a bump there. Andrew Power is one that could make a jump with a good performance this fall if healthy. Juda Parker may be a tad underrated, we will have to wait and see on that one.

HamptonVol13 Answer: Brian Randolph, Tom Smith, Justin Worley, and Alan Posey. Being the #39 S, I think Randolph will see the biggest jump. He is a player. Juda Parker has a chance once more film gets out.

Question: Will we take another QB or RB? If yes, top candidates?

James Answer: I think we are done at QB unless someone comes out of nowhere or if we sign a dual threat guy that can play other positions. I was told this week that we are still in the running for Mike Blakely and Mike Bellamy. While the odds might not be in our favor, we are still battling with both guys. Seymour and Buie both seem to like the Vols a lot, so does Rodney Coe. This should be interesting to watch play out.

HamptonVol13 Answer: We are done at QB, but we will take another RB. Rodney Coe, Mike Blakely, Brendan Bigelow, Mike Bellamy, Jeremy Hill, Andrew Buie, and Jerron Seymour are our main targets. I like where we set with Buie.

Question: Will the staff try to sign any more JC prospects (in addition to TE A. Power)? I am hoping they find a DT that is a Dec. graduate.

James Answer: JC recruiting in the fall always picks up. Don't forget Maurice Couch, this staff likes him a lot. There will be another two or three names pop up in the next six weeks, count on it. Wouldn't be surprise if we took a TE, a linebacker if really good and a defensive back. I'm hearing that Chuck Smith is really recruiting Sheldon Richardson big time.

HamptonVol13: We really want a JUCO DT, but it is so hard to find a guy who can qualify at an SEC school. We are trying hard to get in with Jesse Williams and are very much in the mix for Maurice Couch.

Question: Are any of our current commitments early enrollees?

James Answer: Crowder for sure, Power for sure, I think Justin Coleman will be. Worley was undecided the last time I spoke with him but I kind of doubt it.

HamptonVol13: Mack Crowder, Justin Coleman and Andrew Power are. I think Carson is too. Harris, Posey, and Smith were supposed to be but told Scout a month or so ago that they aren't going to be. If we get Vincent Dallas, he will be an EE.

Question: Well, with all the phone calls on Wednesday I noticed that Gabe Wright, DT from Georgia got a call from Dooley. Could you expand a little on the young man because D-line is a definite place of need? What are our realistic chances? Can Dooley pull someone like Wright out of Georgia like he did with Da'Rick?

James Answer: He is one of the top prospects on the UT board. A big need area and I understand he has a family connection to the UT Football program. His mother likes UT a lot. I think he is the surprise like Da'Rick was last year, most of the experts think he is headed to Auburn.

HamptonVol13: I would not pay a whole lot of attention to what Gabe says publicly. he likes playing the game. We have a very realistic shot come NSD, and I believe it will be an Auburn-UT battle. I wouldn't compare Wright and DaRick. Rogers was in love with UGA this time last year, and we had no shot. Wright doesn't seem too attracted to the Dawgs.

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