Gordon looking for shot to be the guy

With senior punt returner Gerald Jones injured and out for the next couple of weeks, Derek Dooley and his staff are looking for a replacement to field punts for the Vols. One of UT's defensive backs put his official bid in for the position today. Go "Inside" to read what Eric Gordon had to say about his golden opportunity.

Just give me a chance.

That's all one of Tennessee's football players is hoping for this week.

Starting corner Eric Gordon confirmed Monday afternoon that he is looking forward to the chance of getting a shot at replacing injured punt returner Gerald Jones, who appears to have had surgery Monday morning to repair a broken bone in his hand.

"I'm very comfortable back there," Gordon said after practice. "I have been working on this for a long time. Hopefully, I will make the most out of this opportunity they give me."

Timing is something that Gordon feels is perfect for him at this time in his career.

"It couldn't have come at a better time for me," Gordon said. "We have to have someone who can catch the ball back there. Me and the ball in space I don't have any rules, I can freestyle back there and make something happen."

Head Coach Derek Dooley commented Monday morning that he and his staff might go back and look at some high school tape of some of their current players in search for the answer back there.

"I'm going to go get my highlight tape for him right now," Gordon said laughing. "This is the perfect opportunity for me, anything can happen out there at defensive back and then I can go back out there and redeem myself with a great return. This is perfect for me."

Does that highlight tape have a great return on it for you?

"Yeah against Beach," Gordon remembered. "Actually I muffed it at first, then picked it up and made the most of it returning it across midfield."

There is no doubt that Gordon has the confidence to play the position, and he is ready to get started this week returning punts.

Now, Gordon just has to hope that Dooley and special team coordinator Eric Russell feel the same way.

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