Websider Prognosticator Panel - Arkansas Game

The Websider prognosticator panel may be down, but not out. After a tough week where the panel picked the Aggies over OSU, it's time for redemption with the Razorbacks and Aggies set to fight it out at the home of Jerry. See who the panel picks this week for a crucial SEC-Big 12 showdown in Dallas

It was a tough week for the Websider prognostication panel as all but one was all in on the Aggies against Oklahoma State. Now, the Aggies face yet another top-flight offense with Ryan Mallett and the Piggies heading to Dallas to knock heads with Von Miller and company. We had a couple of volunteer panelists go AWOL on us this week, which means one of two things. Either they are still licking their wounds from last week and haven't resurfaced, or they got started early in Dallas and are taking shots of Wild Turkey from the bowl of a stolen plastic Hog hat in Jerry's parking lot as we speak.


Aggies 31
Razorbacks 35

I know we all hate to hear it but we have a constant theme "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

The Aggie offense will once again be statistically productive in producing 500 yards of total offense against the Razorbacks. Unfortunately, all those yards won't turn into touchdowns. Christine Michael will again be near 100 yards of rushing and Gray will get over 100 all purpose yards. Fuller, Swope, and Tannehill will make great catches coming back to the ball in critical situations to keep this game close.

The Aggie defense will again rise to the occasion. The quickness of the Aggie defense and the aggressive attacking style of DeRuyter will put pressure on Ryan Mallet just like he saw in the second half of the Alabama game. The defense will force Mallet into a few bad decisions but they won't prevent him from making every throw and Mallet will do his damage. I suspect Mallet throws for over 350 yards and the Razorbacks only run for 50 yards.

Unfortunately, turnovers will again be the difference. The Aggies just can't seem to hold onto the ball when they need it most. In the end your Aggies keep it close and don't get embarrassed but they walk away with another heartbreaking and heart wrenching loss on national television.

When this team finds a way to totally prevent the turnovers and learns to finish it when you have a chance, this team is going to be GREAT.

Sorry guys, our Aggies put up a great fight but come up short. Gig'em and don't give up on these kids....they have a lot of fight left in them.


Aggies 31
Razorbacks 20

Arkansas does some good things, no doubt, but they are also susceptible in some areas that play in our favor. A good pass rush can get to them and we've got that. We've also got good coverage LB's and a talented secondary (not to mention a strong run defense) so while they're dangerous, it's not like we match up poorly. In fact I like our chances in getting the best of the battle to a reasonable extent. On the other side, A&M's line struggled some in protecting the edge, lending to a good bit of JJ's issues the past two games (no not the big throw but a lot of the issues) but they also opened up some nice holes that Christine Michael just wasn't seeing or hitting. Now in week six a group that takes steps every week really needs to put together a complete outing, and though going against a decent defensive front, they've got what it takes to get it done, and I see them putting it together.

The Aggies finally have a very talented outfit. The obvious question mark is JJ. I'm going to step out on a limb and say he gets it done. He's too smart and talented to stay in this funk. He's not a kicker, he's a gamer, and sooner or later he's going to kick in high gear and this week is a great week to shut up the critics and bounce back from the bitter OSU loss (where A&M whooped OSU on the road but didn't stop short of beating themselves). On top of strong defense and offense, the strong special teams play of that game continues and the Aggies squash the turnover bug to overtake the Piggies.


Aggies 24
Razorbackss 23

The fact is, A&M needs to cut its mistakes. If they do that, I feel comfortable predicting a 1-3 point victory. Arkansas is pretty overrated to me but obviously played a great football game against Alabama. Cornerbacks Terrence Frederick and Coryell Judie have their work cut out for them with Arkansas' All-Conference receivers. If the Aggies play the kind of mistake-laden football they have in their past two games, this one could get ugly. In a tough call, I pick the Ags in a close one due to three tough defensive stands that will result in Arkansas field goals.


Aggies 31
Razorbackss 27

For the Aggies to win this game, they will need to create at least three big plays on defense to change possession and field position whether that is an interception, fumble, or a big fourth down stop. That means putting pressure on Mallett who's made his share of mistakes when under duress. A&M will need to do that with the front seven…beware of the corner blitz. Coryell Judie, Terrence Frederick and the rest of the corners need a big game and force Mallett to make great throws in tight spaces. If they do, then that will give Von Miller and company the extra second to hit him and make things happen. I also think that Arkansas comes into this game complacent on offense thinking it will be easy to score like last year. DeRuyter surprises the Piggies and Jerrod Johnson plays a conservative win and allows the defense to keep the Ags in the game and eventually win it.

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