Websider Prognosticator Panel Predictions

The Websider prognosticator panel is back for another week of great insight and predictions. The panel tries to figure out what Ryan Tannehill will bring to the Aggies and if that will be enough for a second straight win against the Red Raiders


Aggies 42
Red Raiders 24

Texas A&M is simply a better football team this year than Texas Tech. It won't matter who plays QB or how many freshman you have on the offensive line the Aggies will beat the Red Raiders this year in College Station. Mike Sherman's system offense will work its magic to allow the Aggies to gain over 500 total yards of offense. The shoe is on the other foot now after watching Mike Leach led Tech teams gain 100's of yards the past decade.

The defense for some reason just hasn't been sharp the past 3 games and I don't understand why. I know we don't have real ILB's but we schemed pretty well against OSU and UA but those schemes have changed in recent weeks. I expect our mediocre defense again this week but it will be enough to win. Hopefully the crowd is really into this game early and the team responds so it can be an early blowout.

Gig'em Aggies - 8-4 with no excuses......make it happen!


Aggies 38
Red Raiders 13

A&M's offense found a bit of its mojo against an awful KU team but the relocation of the hurry up is all on the Ag's and the best sign from last week (as it was A&M's offensive identity in 2009 and it had been MIA in 2010), especially given the shake-ups on the OL (who also put together a pretty complete game for the first time all year and gave themselves some momentum (KU or not)). The offense should roll against a horrid Tech defense (that's giving up 400+ yds per game), despite the one sided hatred in this one and the TT's playing with a little fire. On the other side of the ball, the Red Raiders offense is capable but no longer a dangerous outfit and the Aggie defense has proven what they can do against average to decent spread teams (Mizzou exceeded that). The good guys roll, taking their next step towards getting the offense on track, and set themselves up for a good run at the meat of their Big XII schedule coming up in November.


Aggies 45
Red Raiders 17

I truly believe Tannehill can be an efficient and very solid leader of this offense. Though not the greatest quarterback in the conference, the talent and scheme surrounding him is sure to highlight his positive qualities and vice versa similar to Greg McElroy at Alabama. His quick arm motion and release as well as ball speed provides his quality receivers with ample time to shake pre-separated defenders and make big plays. I think the Swope-Tannehill begins to blow up similar to Jordan Shipley and Colt McCoy at Texas. Oh and P.S., I think A&M dominates.


Aggies 45
Red Raiders 30

The Red Raider secondary is lousy, rated No. 119 in the nation. The only way Texas Tech can slow down the Aggies is if they can put pressure on Tannehill and force some mistakes. I think Tannehill's quicker release and speed will surprise the Red raiders and that will leave some big play opportunities downfield. I do think Tech has enough firepower on offense to make things interesting but as long as the Aggies play a relatively clean game and limit the penalties and turnovers they should come out victorious.

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