Websider Prognosticator Panel - OU Prediction

It's another week of prognostication by the Websider panel. The group was on the mark with their Texas Tech predictions and bring momentum into a huge match-up with the Sooners at Kyle Field. See what the panel has to say about the game.


Aggies 28
Sooners 27

This week I put the 8-0 record (picking the winner) on the line. Against my better judgment and the mounds of supporting evidence I'm picking the Aggies to upset the Sooners this week. I'll admit at least half this prediction is wishful thinking and the other half is statistics from this year's OU games on the road. I'm hoping OU doesn't put it together on the road in Kyle Field for the first time this year. Lord knows we have seen OU come in rated 5-8 points better than the Aggies and hang 40, 50, 60, or 70+ on the good guys.

I'm praying that Coach DeRuyter plays man to man on the corners and challenges Landry Jones to beat them deep while brining the house and the rather of the Ghost of The Wrecking Crew. Also praying an ILB will miraculously shows up this weekend and plays like Dat, Roper, Coryett, Simonini, Wallace and the rest of the great LB's from A&M. Sherman must remember to use the entire playbook and not just the cute passes he like to call. Let's make OU defend the run more than just 5-8 plays in the first half. Gig'em Aggies


Aggies 31
Sooners 24

OU is ripe for the take. If A&M wins this one, they very well may run November. The offense won't be slowed terribly by this OU outfit. We won't own them but we will get ours. On defense we have the potential to get it done but have to execute and DeRuyter needs to call a great game. OU's run game isn't as dictating as the past. Keep Jones and Broyles in relative check and contain Murray on the screen and in general and the defense has done more than held down their end of the bargain. Easier said than done as their up-tempo play throws a wrench in things. 12th Man rocks at night, with a day of beer under their belts. Good guys win turnover margin and the game.


Aggies 38
Sooners 31

I really have nothing to back up my score. In fact, I was too lazy to send Hop my prediction write-up and just texted him the final score. But I do think this is the day the Aggies turn it around since I predicted them to win. I'd like to thank Hop for writing something here as I didn't bother to send him anything.


Aggies 34
Sooners 31

Many Aggies have the false notion that the football team doesn't play well against the Sooners. In Norman, I agree. It's been ugly up there. However, with the exception of Sherman's first team that was really undermanned two years ago, the team plays very well at Kyle Field against Oklahoma. In the past decade (with the exception of 2008 mentioned earlier), A&M has played within a score losing by 1, 4, and 7 points to go along with the one win in 2002 and in all of those occasions OU was the much better team. They may be a little better in 2010, but the gap has closed. In fact, A&M is better statistically on both sides of the ball but turnovers has been the story for both teams – A&M has coughed it up and OU is one of the best in the country in protecting the ball. It will come down to turnovers, and the Aggies have been much better in securing the ball under Ryan Tannehill. Aggies are good enough to win this game and the Kyle Field atmosphere will push them over the top for a big win.

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