Websider Prognostication Panel - Baylor

The Aggie Websider prognosticator panel is flying high after all four members picked an Aggie victory over the Sooners. The esteemed panel is back to make their picks for the Battle of the Brazos as the Aggies and Bears face off Saturday night.


Aggies 38
Bears 24

The Texas A&M Aggies will come out overly excited and make some mistakes in the first quarter at Baylor this week because they want to win this game badly. Once this groups settles down and gets back to execution and assignment football expect great things to happen for the Aggies and Floyd Casey Stadium. The offense is going to settle down and hopefully, run the ball more than past games because Baylor can't stop the run much better than they stop the pass. I expect Sherman to get smart this week and run Cyrus Gray and Bradley Stephens about 30-40 times while passing about 45-50 times in the hurry up offense. The defense is going to play a prevent style defense in the secondary because they don't want to give up a big play to RG3. However, the LB's and big boys up front are going to put some pressure on RG3 and Finley. I expect Finley and RG3 to get stuck hard every time they blink so they know they are in a fight from the opening play. Hopefully, we win the toss and defer and BU takes the ball. I'd love for our D to set the tone early with a quick 3 and out. The good guys win this one going away in the second half. Gig'em Aggies...


Aggies 45
Bears 13

Baylor's atrocious defense stays true to form, while the Aggie defense shuts up a media that gives way to much love to a team that's done nothing against decent teams (and gets good practice against corralling a speedy quarterback for the following week, in the process). Like Tech, intense one-sided hatred once again falls way short of the mark in this bid against the Aggies.


Aggies 42
Bears 21

I think the Aggies come out with their foot on the gas this week. Baylor's defense is significantly slow than that of Oklahoma, while their offense is of a much slower tempo. If the Aggies can contain Griffin, they will hold Baylor to a manageable amount of points.


Aggies 38
Bears 20

It's a cold day in Waco with a brisk north wind. That will affect the downfield passing game which hurts Baylor more. Texas A&M can complete a lot of short passes to go with an effective rushing game against the No. 83 rush defense in the nation. On the flip side, Baylor will struggle running the ball against the No. 6 rush defense. The weather will keep the score down a little bit, but the Aggies simply have too much offensive firepower for a porous BU defense. The key will be to avoid the turnover bug. If so, A&M is simply the better team.

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