Texas A&M Hoops Targets - Summary

Aggie Websider's David Sandhop attended the recent GASO Duncanville AAU event that featured many of the state's best basketball players from the Class of 2012 to the Class of 2014. The tournament was a sanctioned coaches evaluation event. Which players did the new Texas A&M staff watch and evaluate? Sandhop has a rundown of top A&M targets.

For you basketball recruiting fans, this is an exciting time. It's strange to think that last week was the first time that the new Texas A&M staff could hit the road for prospect evaluations. The staff can watch game film and they have a pretty good idea of which players they like, but these two weeks of evaluation in July will determine the final "take" list for 2012 and it will start the 2013 and 2014 recruiting lists.

Let's start with 2012 where time is of the essence with the staff getting a late start with several prospects. Based on my conversations with sources close to the staff and watching who the A&M coaches were evaluating this weekend in Duncanville, here's my breakdown of targets and possibilities in the 2012 class. This isn't a complete list just yet since I didn't observe who A&M saw at major events in Indianapolis and New Orleans late last week. Also, there will be one more week of evaluation the third week of July before the staff starts to recruiting from their finalized target list. I'm working on an evaluation analysis of each player I have seen in-person and on video which will be released later in the week. However, this serves as a good overview to see the recruiting landscape for 2012 and then see the current status of the 2013 and 2014 prospect evaluations.

Class of 2012 Targets

Point Guard (1)

J-Mychal Reese* (Houston Hoops) 75%
Javan Felix (Louisiana Elite) 30%
Josh Gray (Franchize All-stars) 25%
Michael Carey (Franchize All-Stars) 25%

Off-guard/wing (2)

Alex Caruso*(injured) (D-1 Amabassadors – Hou) 90%
Marcus Smart*(Texas Assault) 25%
Danuel House*(Texas Pro) 25%
Christian Sanders* (Houston Defenders Select) 25%
Shabazz Muhammad (Dream Vision, Las Vegas) 20%
Jelon Hornbeak*(Family First) 20%

Posts (1)

Wanaah Bail(Franchize All-Stars) 40%
Prince Ibeh (Top Achievers Pistons) 40%
Connor Lammert*(D-1 Ambassadors – SA) 30%
Shaquille Cleare*(Houston Defenders Select) 25%
Tauren Waller-Prince*(San Antonio Legends) 20%

Percentages are my estimates of players signing with Texas A&M eventually. That takes into account a combination of Texas A&M's interest in the player and the prospect's interest level in the new Aggie coaching staff.

Hop's 2012 Ratings

1. Shabazz Muhammad (1)
2. Marcus Smart (Top 30)
3. J-Mychal Reese (Top 40)
4. Danuel House (Top 40)
5. Shaquille Cleare (Top 40)
6. Wanaah Bail (Top 60)
7. Alex Caruso (Top 60)
8. Prince Ibeh (Top 80)
9. Javan Felix (Top 120)
10. Christian Sanders (Top 120)
11. Connor Lammert (Top 140)
12. Michael Carey (Top 150)
13. Josh Gray (Top 150)
14. Jelon Hornbeak (Top 150)
15. Tauren Waller-Prince (Top 160)

Underclassmen at GASO – A&M Staff Interest

Point Guards

2014 Alex Robinson* (DJH5) (Top 30)
2013 Marcus Foster (Dallas Mustangs) (Top 100)


2013 Keith Frazier (DJH5) (Top 20)
2014 Justise Winslow* (Houston Select 14) (Top 10)
2014 Emmanuel Mudaiy*(Family First) (Top 30)


2014 Kadeem Lattin (Houston Select 14) (Top 50)
2013 Dominic Woodson (Ray Jackson's Shooting Stars) (Top 75)
2013 Jordan Mickey (DFW Elite) (Top 75)
2013 Omar Sherman(Texas Select 13) (Top 100)

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