Realignment Tidbits - August 31

More interesting inside news after the Aggies make it official that they plan to leave the Big 12 Conference. This could be the first domino that starts the shuffle into super conferences. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop discusses the latest scoop

Before all Aggies start celebrating a move to the east, the SEC presidents do have to vote. As long as the solution is clean and the Commissioner Slive has his No. 14 that the members support (or #15 and #16 for that matter), then the vote is a slam dunk and the Aggies will be accepted into the conference. I still think there are a few school presidents that are asking questions and wondering why this is moving so quickly and why now, so this is a rubber stamp vote.

I do think that it gets done because Slive will see that every president knows the situation and how very important this moment is to the SEC. If for that 1 in a 1,000 chance that the SEC votes no, that will absolutely kill any and all future meaningful expansion by the SEC. The state of Texas will no longer be an option, and the other schools will be thinking, "the SEC wants us to leave our conference, and then they could vote no. I'm not taking that risk."

I'm way overblowing this here because it simply won't happen, but I telling you this because even if you hear a president come out and question expansion, in the end he will vote for Texas A&M. A vote against A&M will be a vote against future expansion.

It will happen...and it will happen soon. On Friday, I was told the announcement to leave the Big 12 would be on Wednesday and a presser on acceptance would come Thursday. So far, so good. I really would be surprised if they let this sit over the weekend.

Also, a little birdie is saying that Missouri is getting a little jittery and may be on the move as team #14. We'll see.

Also, I didn't want to leave this out. I know a lot of people are singing the praises of President Loftin right they should. He has been brilliant in this game of chess. It was a game stacked against him as well. However, I truly believe that Loftin and then later Byrne would not have been empowered to be so aggressive over the past month had they not had the assurances of the A&M donors, former students, and fans. The donors did put their money where their mouth was and stepped up to the table and offered a huge incentive and a huge safety net for the administrators to initiate these efforts in the form of donations and ticket sales. In fact, Sunday's home season opener against SMU is the first sellout since the 1990's.

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