Hop's Musings - Baylor the Savior?

It was an eventful day on Wednesday on the realignment front as Baylor threw a wrench into the plans of the Aggies to join the SEC. Baylor claims they are saving college football in the state of Texas. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop thinks Baylor's motivations are not so pure and motivated by self-interest like the rest of the Big 12's member institutions

I'm surprised that the national media hasn't picked up on the timeline that really shines the light on Baylor's true intentions on this deal. Had Baylor truly felt that Beebe's press release was inaccurate, why didn't they quickly correct the public record and immediately let the SEC know of the error? Why did they wait until the SEC Presidents were landing in Atlanta to inform them of this "error"?

Of course we know why. Baylor was a giggly little girl when they were told the Big 12 would survive and add BYU. Then, when OU injected a little uncertainty in the equation and it looked like the Big 12 was again in jeopardy, they ambush the SEC with the "real" news that they may still sue. It's also why we keep hearing that if OU stays and saves the Big 12, Baylor will once again bid farewell to the Aggies with no regrets.

It makes this shallow campaign "be true to college rivalries, the kids, and the state of Texas" so hypocritical, and then when you put that in the context of dropping TCU, UH, Rice, and SMU in 1995...they are the most corrupt player in this whole game.

Yeah, A&M, Texas, and OU are looking after their best interests and using their market value that they EARNED with a large, rabid fan base willing to support a BCS conference caliber team. If you are a college football purist, I can see where there are some issues of profit that can be unsettling.

But Baylor takes the cake. They are looking after their own interests as is everybody else which is fine. However, since they don't have the adequate market value and lack the fans and alumni support to be in a BCS caliber conference of their own accord, protecting their own interests means directly plotting against the interests of long time conference partners that have financially and politically subsidized their athletic programs for decades.

In short, they are leaches that feel entitled to benefits that they can't earn on their own merit. Baylor has been given decades to become a big boy, and they were given a second chance with the formation of the Big 12, but they still didn't step up to the table and now they are charging up the conference realignment hill carrying the flag of decency, tradition, rivalries, and lone star pride. Yeah, right.

Hey Baylor, you owed it to the state of Texas to take advantage of your esteemed position in a BCS conference and grow the business of college football in the state of Texas. Instead, you continued to field an inferior product in an inferior stadium venue. You had 15 years to get your act together and you blew it. Your purple brother to the north that you gladly left behind 15 years ago to wallow in a non-BCS conference had the smarts and fortitude to fight for the right to be respected. You didn't. I wish Texas had a TCU graduate as the governor in 1995 and maybe the Big 12 and the landscape of college football in the state would be much different...and much better.

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