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1. Waiting OU and Texas Next Move on Monday

I know there was some buzz yesterday about a big event, but from what I can tell the current plan is to see what happens with OU and Texas on Monday. OU insiders still swear that the Sooners are going out west. I figured that at the last minute Texas and ESPN would throw money and incentives to OU to stay in the Big 12, but given that Texas has called a special session of their BOR for Monday afternoon to discuss legal ramifications of realignment tells me the OU-Texas talks appear dead. If you are to ask me right now the most likely scenario, and I'll say OU/OSU/Tech to the Pac-12 and Texas to the ACC. That would be the best long-term scenario for A&M fans. The Ags will have its two biggest competitors for lone star talent playing half of their games 1500 miles away. A&M will be doing some traveling, but nothing close to what OU and Texas will be doing. Clearly, high school prospects more closely identify with the SEC than the ACC and Pac-12.

The latest rumor this afternoon suggests Texas will play football independently and other sports in the ACC. If OU and Texas A&M want to put the final nail in their realignment coffin, both should decide to not play Texas in non-conference and schedule each other at Jerry World. Not saying that will happen, but it would be a great strategic move. I do know that while A&M and OU have their differences, they have come together throughout this situation with the headache of dealing with an arrogant Texas being the common theme. It would be the ultimate snub at Texas….but more importantly it's a great strategic move. It's something A&M would do, but you have to wonder if OU is willing to throw away the built up market value and tradition of the Red River Rivalry.

If Texas does go independent in football and then schedules both A&M and OU, then they have indeed landed on its feet in football and basketball. Without A&M, OU, and a conference affiliation, then it is a bad, bad move in my opinion.

2. Status of Texas A&M/SEC and the BU Litigation

This does however put the onus on Texas A&M and the SEC in regard to Baylor and Iowa State. The only way this legal action will get diffused is if the Big 12 survives, and that definitely won't happen in the scenario above. Now, A&M's legal counsel still feels very confident in their legal position here, and with Mike Slive's bold comments about A&M eventually being in the SEC earlier in the week, the SEC feels the same way. But in any legal situation, there is always risk and even if you have facts on your side, the venue, the jury, and/or the judge can make any litigation dicey. A&M's people privately are saying that this stalemate ends the middle of next week. But just remember, just because the stalemate ends doesn't mean the threat of litigation ends. It simply means that A&M to the SEC SHOULD become official if OU and Texas actually do something to move the ball forward on Monday. If they punt (don't really make a pubic decision on their intention), then all bets are off.

Football Recruiting

1. Defensive Line

It's become clear that the Texas A&M staff feels they will playing an SEC schedule in 2012 and they are scrambling to get some very big, athletic prospects to help out immediately. I spoke to East Miss CC DL Damien Jacobs (6-foot-4, 290 lbs DE) and he confirmed that he and teammate Brandon Moore (6-foot-6, 340 lb. NG) are visiting on the big September 24 weekend. Based on our conversation, I think A&M can close the deal on these two if all goes well. The key here is playing time, and Coach Williams has basically guaranteed Jacobs a starting spot if he comes in and plays like he's doing now. The fact that A&M is losing four of its top five DL's is huge here. It's also why I think there's a very good chance that Jacobs eventually switches from Tennessee to A&M….same for Moore. Moore is a former Alabama lineman who was a bit lazy in the classroom and did not stay qualified. Apparently he's gotten the message and is taking care of his business in the classroom. Another former Alabama DL that will be attending the OSU game is Darrington Sentimore. I've talked to some Alabama sources and he left for some off-the-field issues. Sounds like Sherman will need to have a good interview with him to see if he's turned over a new leaf.

I briefly spoke with California four-star DL Aziz Shittu who lists A&M among his top three...


Basketball Recruiting

1. Bigs in 2012 Class; A Few 2013 Nuggets

The class is taking shape after Alex Caruso committed this week. I've been told that the staff will take two post players – preferably a skilled No. 4 and a traditional No. 5 defensive stopper. Right now, the top priorities appear to be Connor Lammert (No. 4) who visited two weeks ago, and the shot-blocking phenom Prince Ibeh (No. 5) who is visiting this weekend. In a perfect world, the staff would land these two big men and then take a swing at Shabazz Muhammad. I'm hearing that if they miss on Muhammad, they will unlikely go after another guard in this class.

First, they feel good about the current guard situation. Second, they don't think they can land another guard as good as the ones on the string for the 2013 class. With Kendrick Nunn already in the fold and getting very strong interest from guard Keith Frazier who some experts believe is the best junior in the state, the staff feels very good about their prospects at guard. In fact, sources have told me the staff is VERY excited about how the 2013 class is coming together. Understandably, they got a little bit of a late jump on 2012 kids, but have started strong out of the box with 2013's. Thus, unless they can land Muhammad, they will likely pass on signing a fifth member of this class.

I spoke to Ibeh's AAU coach (Lawrence Mann) yesterday and he acknowledged that Prince had a great visit to Texas. He mentioned that all of the former players in the NBA like Kevin Durant and D.J. Augustin were there and they hung out together. This did have a big impact on him, but Mann made it clear that Texas A&M was very much in the mix and that this weekend's visit will go a long way in deciding where Ibeh will go.

Two thing are at work here...


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