Websider Prognosticator Panel - OSU

The fearless Websider Prognosticator Panel is back for week three. It doesn't get any bigger in September with two Top 10 conference foes going at it. The winner becomes the prime challenger to No. 1 OU. The loser is likely out of the Big 12 Championship race.

The panel has been perfect so far, and they are going all-in on the Aggies this weekend as the No. 8 OSU Cowboys come to town. For some reason, the panel is stuck on 41 points for the good guys. However, the highlight of this week's predictions belongs to Aggiemetal who pulled out the classic "Child please" line. You can't go wrong invoking the words of the venerable future Hall of Fame wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.


Aggies 41
Cowboys 24

In this long awaited game in which C. Gray said he has had circled on his calendar since the LSU game, the Ags move the ball at will just like last year with one huge exception, the lack of the turnovers. Ags stop the run and force QB Brandon Weeden into a lot of 3rd and longs and pressure him into a few mistakes that Texas A&M picks off. Gray breaks the school record of consecutive 100 yard games as he ices the game. .


Aggies 41
Cowboyss 28

I think both teams start fast to get the score in the 20's early. A&M will need to prove itself in the 3rd quarter when this Aggie offensive line begins wearing down Oklahoma State's offensive line. Simultaneously, A&M's defense will settle down and begin to shut down its opponent. I expect huge games from both Cyrus Gray and Christine Michael and 300+ yards on the ground for A&M. Defensively, I expect at least two interceptions along with a fumble recovery.


Aggies 41
Cowboys 37

There has already been some great analysis by our residents so it is hard to add anything new. What sticks out to me is that over the hill, relic QB Brandon Weeden is listed at #27 in the nation in passing efficiency for the #1 offense in the nation...against some really crappy defenses (and he's 27 years old). Future Dr. Tannehill with most of his life still ahead of him is rated at #18 for the #18 pass offense. Coincidence? About all we really can go on this early in the season is the matchup last year. I think it is unlikely that we have the same turnover problem resulting in positive scores on most drives. That will ratchet up the pressure on The Relic and their offense, which they have yet to face this year and he still has 6 INTs. Heavy doses of running in the third quarter give the Ags a safe lead while they weather the onslaught in the 4th. It will be closer than I want it to be, but good news in the end, Ags 41-37.


Aggies 41
Cowboys 23

Two high-powered offenses. One talented defense. One ridiculously loud stadium, in a big time game helping said defense. One . . . alright, you get the gist. A&M wins, putting five touchdowns on the board and tacks on a field goal or two in addition (with at least one of the scores either directly or indirectly coming from the defense). Yes OSU has a very prolific offense but it's not without its flaws but I think the Wrecking Crew is chomping at the bit to make a statement and has the capability to do so (I saw Sean Porter visibly agitated at the Radio Show the other night, on the two occasions someone mentioned OSU's high powered offense to him). A&M has talent up front, speed all around, and a defensive genius calling the shots. The Aggie offense against OSU's defense? Child Please.


Aggies 34
Cowboys 27

I know the statistics indicate this will be an offensive shoot-out, but I have a feeling this will be a lower scoring game than many pundits and fans believe. It's still September and teams are still warming up and ironing out the kinks, but Texas A&M and Oklahoma State are being thrown into the fire with a November caliber match-up. Both teams haven't played in a big-time environment with so much at stake, so I'm expecting some early game jitters and mistakes that will keep the game from getting into the forties. QB Brandon Weeden has impressive pass production numbers in terms of yards and big plays, but he has also been intercepted six times against inferior defenses compared to the Aggies. Inject 90,000 jacked up Aggie fans and an incredibly loud game atmosphere, and the odds of OSU miscues is much greater than the odds of A&M turning the ball over…and this game will be decided on turnovers. If Texas A&M can stay clean on special teams, there's simply too much firepower, defensive talent, and crowd noise for the Cowboys to overcome. Fuller has a breakout game knowing he has something to prove with Justin Blackmon on the other sideline.

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