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It's Friday and that means another installment of the wildly popular WEbsider Prognosticator Panel. GEA89 has decided to join the party this week. For the first time this season, a panelist is going against grain and picking the Hogs to win a third straight game in the revived series.


Aggies 33
Razorbacks 17

After a major 3rd quarter meltdown, the Ags have to pick themselves up for another tough game against a team like OSU that A&M hasn't beaten under Sherman's tenure. The Hogs have a ton of injuries and look for the Ags to try to line up and establish the running game with both backs. Gray better not dance a lot and take no gains or losses because we see the healthy pissed off board back C-MIKE smelling blood. The running game will open up the screens and give out TE's a chance to get involved in this game. Defense, hopefully Judie will be back and we will have a nice five man rotation in the secondary. Since there are no heat issues at Jerry World, I see fewer issues on defense. I see us getting to Wilson a ton as the have lost another OT and they are having big issues at TE and Moore has had a fire lit under his arse this week. Porter will be a big guy in the pressure also.


Aggies 34
Razorbacks 31

A&M has two potential outcomes here. Fold after a tough loss, or rise to the occasion a la the 6 win streak one year ago. I see A&M living up to its pre season hype in this game and making a statement. The ground game should be back and settled, and the defense should have an answer for a slower-flowing offense of Arkansas. This will be a close one decided in the last five minutes by a field goal. Look for Randy Bullock to step up.


Aggies 27
Razorbacks 28

I believe the teams have roughly equal talent, both coming off devastating losses in two completely different ways. This again will go back to turnovers to see which team gains the upper-hand. We saw the Aggies come completely unglued after crucial turnovers resulting in sloppy play and it cost them dearly. There is also a big load of "want it" riding on this game. Which unit shows up and wants it more, who has the real urgency? Is this the 2011 watershed game we had last year with Corn and OU or is it back to a lackluster Mizzou effort? Wish I had the answers but I do not. Therefore, I'm picking Arky, 28-27 solely on the fact they have a pom squad and we don't.


Aggies 34
Razorbacks 27

Provided the A&M players have done a better job of washing the bile taste of last Saturday out of their throats and put in a good week of work, then they've got more than a strong shot early Saturday against the Hogs. Arkansas has a very strong cast at all skills positions but a young and dinged up OL. We all know well, the latter can kill consistency and hinder an otherwise strong QB and offense. If A&M can take advantage, by getting enough pressure and containing their big power back (like they did with Doak Walker candidate Zach Line in the second half against SMU) then they should win enough battles to open the door for A&M's offense to do what they do, minus turnovers, and get the W. Arkansas also has some injuries to both defensive ends and in the secondary, and though A&M's defense has sustained a few casualties of their own, the good guys will edge out their soon to be reunited conference brothers by one score.


Aggies 31
Razorbacks 24

Arkansas comes in to their annual game at Jerry World beat up, A&M comes in to the same game also beat up. But who is hurting the most when it comes to key matchups? Arkansas has both their defensive ends down for the count and if Bequette is able to play he will not be 100 percent. Losing Davis hurts Arkansas badly in this game as it makes Arkansas more one dimensional that they want to be. A&M is hurting in the defensive secondary and Swope is a game time decision. A&M will have to run the ball to win, Arkansas will have to pass. Advantage A&M and the win.


Aggies 27
Razorbacks 23

Jeff Fuller, Ryan Swope, Coryell Judie…. Jeff Fuller, Ryan Swope, Coryell Judie…. Jeff Fuller, Ryan Swope, Coryell Judie…. Jeff Fuller, Ryan Swope, Coryell Judie…. Jeff Fuller, Ryan Swope, Coryell Judie….

Those three players are critical to success not only on Saturday against Arkansas, but also to the success of the 2011 season. With Swope and Judie, it's a matter of getting these two playmakers healthy and on the field. With Jeff Fuller, he's got to realize that he is the senior. He is the big dog. He is the one that has to be the playmaker. It's taken three years, but the Aggies now have the advantage along the line of scrimmage. With Arkansas' inexperienced offensive line, the key is taking advantage of that youth which means bringing pressure off the edge…paging Damontre Moore and Sean Porter. If A&M can apply pressure consistently, the Aggies will win.

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