Websider Prognosticator Panel - Texas Tech

The Websider prognosticator panel is down, but not out. Guest picker BNRFlats was the only winner from last week's heartbreaking loss to the Pigs. The panel has picked itself off the floor and are making bold predictions of what could be the last Aggie - Red Raider football game for the foreseeable future.


Aggies 44
Red Raiders 14

I look for this to be a simular game as the 2009 game in Lubbock. I think Sherman knows the mentality of his team and also the fan base. HE will not pull his foot off the throat and the Ags run ( and thro) up and down the field. Both Christine Michael and Cyrus Gray go well over 100 yards. Tech scores a late TD to get their 14.


Aggies 45
Red Raiders 20

A&M, as it has done the last two years, will use this opportunity to make a statement. DeRuyter needs to earn his paycheck against a somewhat potent passing offense this week. The defense will continue its dominant streak against the run, while the offense continues a similar streak on the ground. I expect a slow start, but ultimately the Ags win big.


Aggies 55
Red Raiders 41

Tech's opponents are 6-12 on the year, throwing out NM, who is basically a TAPPS team, gives them a 6-7 record. Ags opponents have a 13-6 record, throw out the potato chunkers and that results in a 12-2 record so quality of competition is heavily in the Ags favor. We all know our issues over the last two games. It's been discussed, debated, and flogged only slightly more than getting a pom squad. I don't want to focus on the Tech pom squad since I don't want to catch The Gonorrhea. No doubt the only thing that can stop the Aggie offense in this game is itself. Will we be able to reach Doege before he flips the ball 8 yards? I think we roll in press man, get burned several times deep or YAC for TDs, but overall, we should grind them up and turn a close halftime into a comfortable 14 point win. At least I hope so since that big lead at half strategy certainly isn't doing it for us right now. Ags 55, Pizza Delivery Tech 41.


Aggies 45
Red Raiders 20

The A&M offense pounds and pounds some more and have their way on a soft defense. Texas Tech gets a few on an Aggie defense just like last year, but nothing significant. Aggies dominate and the Internet detractors that only talk football when things are bad will have to sit on the sideline for a while.


Aggies 42
Red Raiders 27

The Aggies have been woeful in the second half the past two weeks. Is the defense too complicated? Do we have the athletes? One thing we do know is Tech is not very good but they are always great at night in Lubbock against the Aggies. One has to believe Sherman has learned his lesson and will keep scoring till they turn out the lights and a simplified defense will help them cut down on being out of position and let their athleticism shine.


Aggies 38
Red Raiders 27

I know a lot of people are thinking this game will jump into the 40's with the explosive offenses and the Swiss cheese defenses of both teams. But I think Mike Sherman will take advantage of his newfound running game and he'll be successful milking the clock and neutralizing what will be a raucous Lubbock crowd. In this environment, the last thing A&M needs is a shoot-out. A&M rushed for 381 yards against Arkansas, and Tech is allowing 230 rushing yards against the likes of Texas State, Nevada, New Mexico, and Kansas. Three of those four are truly horrible teams, so A&M should have its way on the ground. The defense is fragile and the Ags are starting a true freshman at safety and a newcomer at inside linebacker (Steven Jenkins). A&M is a far superior team physically, but the team is fragile mentally after blowing two double digit halftime leads, so slowly bleeding Tuberville and the Red Raider crowd with a dominant ground attack is the winning recipe.

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