Websider Prognosticator Panel - Baylor

It's likely the last edition of the Battle of the Brazos, and the panel seems to be ready for the Bears to get to town. The prognosticators are unanimous that the veteran Aggi team will handle their business and add to the 24-2 record since 1984.


Aggies 44
Bears 20

A&M continues to pound the football and run smart dump-off passes and screens and build a nice lead at te half. BU adjust to that and in the 3rd QT we have the return of Fuller to life in Major College Football. Ags go deep to Fuller and Nwachukwu to run away with this one. Robert Griffin puts up some numbers between the 20's, but his artificial Heisman campaign ends as quickly as a stain on the blue dress disappeared for Ken Starr.


Aggies 41
Bears 35

A&M comes into this game much better on paper than Baylor. Aggie DB's will have a tough day covering Kendall Wright and making up for the added time to get open that Griffin creates with his legs. A&M should continue to run the football with a combination of both backs and keep its defense off the field giving the defense time to rest and fill its inconsistencies over the last three weeks. I predict a close ending with the Ags posting the W.


Aggies 51
Bears 31

A&M held big halftime leads against good teams the last three weeks. In doing so, we pretty well dogged the QB and beat them up. Those guys are a hundred times tougher than Griner. If he/she survives the beating and is still in the game, he/she will be floating passes off his/her back foot or chunking and ducking. We need to make the receivers pay for this too so they go back to the huddle and help with the negative energy. I think gaylor will score on some big plays, but overall has trouble scoring on just about every possession like we will and that will topple their house of cards. Good Riddance Bears, Goodbye Heisman talk, and Goodbye Tarp. Have a nice day Bennett. Ags 51, gaylor 31.


Aggies 52
Bears 21

The Aggie offense will score at will against the Bears' complete waste of a defense. A&M will give up a few big plays and decent drives, but overall Robert Griffin's pocket presence is like Baylor's tailgating presence, bubble gum, soda pop, and no stomach for the hard stuff. As has been proven countless times, ear-hole this track star enough and he plays football like a track star. When all is said and done, a bloodthirsty Kyle Field will have their fill of speed rushes, from all angles, as the Aggies punish the pocket, bringing this green and gold "Starr" back to earth.


Aggies 48
Bears 28

Baylor is having their best year since Grant Teaff was at the helm of the Bears of the Brazos. The problem is that their schedule has been so soft it is hard to tell if they are real or not. They have been putting big numbers up against bad teams offensively but have been allowing big numbers up on defense to those same bad teams. Sherman will eat the Baylor defense up at will, the question is will the Aggie defense be able to slow down Griffin and the Bear offense? We saw improvement last weekend against a good Tech offense and I think we will get enough stops because the Bears won't.


Aggies 38
Bears 24

The last time Baylor won at Kyle Field, I was a babe magnet. That's right, I was young, thin, and a skirt-chasing college sophomore the last time the Bears left College Station with a win. Since that 1984 season, Texas A&M has gone 24-2 against the downtrodden Bears. The Aggies know what's at stake here…permanent scoreboard. Also, the season is at stake as well. So the team will be motivated. The fans will be in a festive mood to bid the Bears farewell. But most importantly, A&M is a better team top-to-bottom. The key will be hitting Robert Griffin early and often. He's proven to be soft and he can get banged up and rattled with a few hits in the pocket. Griffin showed in the KSU game that when the pressure is on, he'll force a pass or two. The A&M defense gets two interceptions and that's enough to pull away from the Baptists. The Aggies will run for 225 yards but the big plays will be made by the tight ends over the middle.

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