Hop's Flash Game Report - Baylor

The Texas Aggie football team ended the 109-game series with Baylor by putting a 55-28 exclamation point on the match-up. Texas A&M won 25 of the last 27 meetings and now will move to the SEC starting in 2012. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop gives his initial thoughts and analysis of the game.

Things I Liked

1. "Scoreboard" in perpetuity against the Bears

One more for a sweep of the state trifecta. Wouldn't it be sweet to have scoreboard on the sandfleas, Bears, and Horns forever? A&M is two-thirds of the way there.

2. Scoring TD's to end the first half and beginning of the second half

The Aggies have been very effective at the end of the first half this year, not only scoring but leaving little time for the opponent to mount a drive. I thought it was a tactical mistake for Baylor to elect to receive the ball versus deferring to the second half. It very well could have cost Baylor the game with A&M scoring 14 points without BU's offense an opportunity to counter.

3. Ryan Swope's monster 206 yard, 4 TD Game

On his first long TD pass, he ran a great route breaking down at the first down marker which caused both the CB and the safety to collapse the coverage, and then releasing deep and getting behind the safety. It looks like he' finally shaken the cob webs out from the concussion and today was evidence that he's the most valuable player on offense other than Tannehill.

4. Incredible pass protection

Several people commented to me that A&M finally utilized the deep ball and the middle of the field. Well, it's a lot easier to execute the downfield game when the quarterback is safe and unpressured in the pocket. Tannehill was NEVER pressured in the pocket and had all day to find his targets.

5. What did Randy Bullock do in the offseason?

Whatever it was, I like it. He's become virtually automatic from anywhere on the field, hitting a 47 yard field goal against the wind with a tough right-hash angle. He's getting great lift on his field goals and kickoffs. He has developed into a strength for the Aggies.

6. The absence of Ryan Epperson

Don't get me wrong, I think Ryan Epperson has had a surprisingly good season, but I like it when he does not touch the field for the entire game. That means the offense is doing something good.

7. Third down success on offense

A&M was highly successful on third downs which was the difference, especially on the first drive of the second half. Swope's 68 yard TD reception in the first quarter came on a third-and-9. The Aggies finished an incredible 10-of-13 on the day while most teams would be satisfied with anything over 50%.

Things That Concern Me

1. Baylor threw for a school record

While A&M held Baylor to 28 points, Griffin did throw for a school record 430 yards. What hurt were the two long TD passes of 77 and 50 yards.

2. Missed turnover opportunities

Dustin Harris finally ended the interception drought late in the game when Griffin threw one up for grabs, but for the fourth time this season an A&M defender dropped an opponent's pass right in the bread basket. Also, sooner or later a couple of these fumbles will bounce A&M's way.

3. Defense gave up some critical third-and-long first downs

Overall, Baylor converted on 7-of-13 third down attempts, and a couple of those came on third-and-14 situations.

4. Jeff Fuller

I've heard from sources that Fuller is beat up pretty bad physically despite some reports to the contrary from other services. Something physical is limiting his ability to cut quickly and abruptly. He just seems sluggish out there, and I think that is from the injuries. Either way, A&M is going to need a healthy and confident Jeff Fuller when the team plays OU, KSU, and Texas down the stretch.

5. Safety Play in Coverage

Howard Matthews blew a coverage on that 50 yard TD strike. He simply bit on the play action and didn't even see #16 for Baylor. He's struggled as he learns his coverage assignments without thinking about it. Steven Campbell was also slow in coverage on another long ball. In fact, three pass plays accounted for 177 yards.

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