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It's been a long time since the Texas Aggie football team was a 14-point underdog, but that's where things stand as the team heads into Norman to face the OU Sooners. So how do the prognosticators see this context unfolding? The predictions are mixed in week nine.


Aggies 43
Sooners 34

That is all.


Aggies 34
Sooners 38

I see the Aggies losing a heartbreaker in Norman this week. A&M will play one of its best games of the season but will fall just short in the final minutes. I predict A&M to lose the turnover battle, as is its convention, but dominate the time of possession and run at will against a flimsy OU defense.


Aggies 34
Sooners 52

My prediction is that when we win, BrasilAg will commission Nick Saban to design, and construct with his own hands, a Mike Sherman statue to be placed on top of the zone like touchdown jesus. Now that I stopped sniffing glue, I expect the OU offense to exploit the middle and flats, dominating on time of possession with solid drives and consistent scoring. If this was in College Station, I would give the Aggies a 30% chance of winning just because the breaks have to go our way sooner or later. But in Norman, with the Texas Tech loss still stuck in their gizzard, Stoops will not let A&M sneak up on them. I do think we have more offensive success, but we won't stop that stupid wagon with its miniature dog food engines from putting ruts in the field. At the very best, we have a puncher's chance if we hit SEVERAL long TD passes to keep 9 guys out of the box and we put a helmet on Jones every time he passes, but don't see us getting it done based on our season's history. A case of Shiner is in the fridge and a good portion will be consumed prior to 2:30 to help deal with the carnage.


Aggies 45
Sooners 44

A&M's OL and running game can get over on OU enough for the passing game to do its part, but Jeff Fuller or some unknown commodity must jump out and give the Aggies a downfield threat (enlarging the box they've been forced to play in), giving the offense consistency and the points needed to keep up with a Sooner offense that won't be hindered much. Four focused quarters has eluded the 2011 squad but this is OU in Norman. Our boys will be jacked, zeroed in, and have the ability to get it done. The odds for getting turnovers is due to kick in for the good guys, and gives the Ags just enough to get it done after keeping themselves in the game. Randy "Butterball" Bullock ices the win for the Aggies in the waning seconds, as Jim Ross punches a male cheerleader in the face and Bob Stoops face goes all crimson and cream. Long odds? Sure, but I'll be damned if I go into a game thinking our boys can't or won't win. Beat the Hell Out of OU!!!


Aggies 28
Sooners 48

The Aggies have disappointed me too many times to be optimistic about a game being played in Norman against the Sooners. The second half defensive meltdowns coupled with the offensive zeros being put up in third quarters has me feeling this game could be ugly. Oklahoma will not be caught off guard by the Aggies, the Tech loss was a fluke, and our defense will get torched by the OU passing attack. If the Aggie offense will take the stick out and play the 3rd quarter it will be closer, but I have not seen Sherman learn a lesson yet.


Aggies 31
Sooners 28

Mother Nature will be throwing the Aggies and Sooners a curve ball on Saturday with sustained winds of 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. It's a curveball that the Aggies will gladly accept. With a non-existent downfield passing game, a stout offensive line, and a pair of all-conference caliber running backs, a strong wind shouldn't affect the production of the Aggie offense. On the other hand, with OU's top running back out for the year and a salty A&M rush defense, the hard winds should affect the Sooner's downfield aerial game. For once, the football gods are on the Aggies' side as A&M also wins the turnover margin. In Sherman's tenure, his teams have rebounded with their backs against the wall. They will do it one more time with Mother Nature lending a helping hand.

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