Websider Prognosticator Panel

The Websider prognosticator panel has dusted themselves off and pulled up their boot straps after a tough couple weeks to come back strong for the Kansas State Wildcats. The panel has some surprising predictions considering that Manhattan has been a house of horrors in recent years.


Aggies 28
Wildcats 24

Just win baby…


Aggies 38
Wildcats 35

I think A&M will have a tough time stopping Kansas State's streetcar named desire-for-yardage, but will squeak out a win anyway. The Aggie receivers must step-up and make plays they haven't thus far. The run game, now solely on the back of Cyrus Gray, must be serviceable in the wake of the rebirth of the passing game. The Aggie run defense must also hold the Wildcats under 175 yards rushing. These are the keys to an Aggie victory.


Aggies 48
Wildcats 41

Against OSU, the Wildcats had four drives of at least 75 yards ending in TDs(one drive was 8:28). However we are not looking at the helter skelter hair on fire pace of other spread teams. Can we take the pounding and respond? OSU torched them fairly quickly for scores, longest drive was 78 yards over 2:56 ironically for a FG. No C-Mike, no problem? I think this is the game we finally put it all together to rub salt in the "why the hell haven't we done that all year" wound. Klein had 38 pass attempts, 29 carries in that game, but he is no James Franklin. Here is to taking the first half of the Kansas farewell tour.


Aggies 37
Wildcats 20

A&M's offensive line comes out ready to grind, as Cyrus Gray, Ryan Tannehill and the receiving corps come out looking to redeem themselves. The Aggie defense stiffened quite a bit against OU and proved they've taken some big steps forward (despite getting bested on a lot of short fields in the 3rd quarter and the proverbial dam breaking). Still I see them continuing that momentum, and taking a few turnovers they were knocking on the door in getting last week.


Aggies 34
Wildcats 31

As much as I want to pick A&M after looking at the statistics, Sherman has proven he has no ability to fix our 3rd quarter woes. Kansas State loves to grind it out on the ground and they could short the game on the Aggie offense enough to make the zero we will put up in the 3rd quarter catastrophic. Sherman's teams seem to have been better on the road than at home however so I see this game as a pick'em, I may regret this but the Ags pull it out in the end.


Aggies 24
Wildcats 21

Despite the 16-point loss last week in Norman, the Aggie defense played aggressively with more press man coverage and it resulted in the unit's best performance of the season. For a change, Tim DeRuyter finally gets a run-first offense. I expect him to take his chances in press man coverage and bringing up the safeties to help the linebackers with the zone-read run option. Despite several injuries, the defensive line has played surprisingly well and should neutralize the point of attack to allow the linebackers to get to the ball carriers. The Aggies will contain the KSU running game for the most part. There will be a few big runs, but I simply don't see the Wildcats scoring at will on Saturday.

The big question is the Aggie offense. KSU's physical defense will make it difficult for the Aggies to establish a rushing attack until the passing game can have some success down the field. That's my key for the game. Can the Aggies hit on at least five 15+ yard passes and three 25+ yard passes? If so, Texas A&M wins. Where for art thou Jeff Fuller? In Manhattan and he'll start to emerge. This program has been left for dead several times, and responded when A&M fans least expected it. Two years ago after an embarrassing beat-down at KSU (coincidentially), pundits were predicting a 40-point mashing at the hand of Mike Leach in Lubbock. The Aggies did the mashing that night to complete shock of everybody. After a depressing three TD home loss to Missouri, the team managed to close out the season with six straight wins. Yes, I think the team will have a turnaround for the third straight year and it starts on Saturday, but it will be a nailbiter an a much lower scoring game than many expect with two running teams.

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