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The Texas Aggie football teams wasted little time securing the victory over an out-manned and sloppy Kansas Jayhawk team. The blowout allowed the staff to rest most of the starters the second half, Aggie Websider's David Sandhop provides his instant analysis of the game.

To be honest, I don't have strong opinions about this game. Kansas is not very good, and to compound the situation they played mistake-prone and uninspired football. It's been a dramatic fall for Turner Gill and the Jayhawks who were playing in a BCS bowl just a few years ago under Mark Mangino.

Regardless of the quality of competition, the Agges had every reason to match Kansas' poor play with the biggest game of the year looming against Texas just five days away. But, they came out putting pressure on the KU offense and creating short fields for the offense. The result was a business-like 23-0 first quarter lead that swelled to 44-0 at the half. Coach Sherman brought back the starters to erase the demons of the second half and the offense scored another 10 points on the first two drives and they called it a day at 54-0.

I'm not going to take too much from this performance other than it's apparent this team still cares and is still playing hard for this staff. Given the apathetic performance of KU, I'm not going to project today's outcome to next Thursday's contest. I'm not ready to proclaim A&M's season-long problems solved after today's 61-7 romp, but it is good for this team to have some positive feelings.going into the biggest game this program has seen since the Sugar Bowl over a decade ago.

Here's what I liked and disliked about Saturday's performance:

What I Liked

1) The team jumped on KU early and broke their spirit within the first five minutes of the game. The Aggies scored touchdowns on every first half drive except one. That's the way to put away a weaker opponent.

2) 80% of A&M's explosive plays on offense have come as a result of Ryan Swope. He gets pummeled every week, yet he's the Energizer bunny and keeps on ticking. He added another 100+ yard days and two touchdowns on nine catches. Jeff Fuller had one of his longest receptions of the season (19 yards) on a play where he actually made a move to shed a tackler after the catch, something he hasn't done all season. Even in limited action, Fuller did look like he was playing with more energy.

3) I'm really starting to like this linebacker corps. Damontre Moore has turned the corner and he's the next difference maker. He finished with eight tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles, and a QB hurry. You can see Steven Jenkins improve his confidence and speed to the ball with every game. Jonathan Stewart isn't flashy but has become adept at being near the ball on most plays, and freshman Brandon Alexander led all tacklers with 10 stops and he showed flashes being a very good football player. And the best thing of all, they all return next season.

4) Dustin Harris had a huge day returning punts. Now, the coverage on those returns was poor, but if Saturday's success builds up his confidence, I'm all for it.

5) The Kyle Field attendance of over 86,000 was a huge surprise. Given that the team has disappointed the fanbase and the Texas game only five days away, I was expecting a lot of empty seats and a dead game environment. However, it was a solid crowd. Also, move over Matthew McConaughey. Kyle Field now has Gary Sinise.

6) The Cyrus Gray injury rumor aside, the big lead and the early exit of the starters has to help going into a 5-day turnaround. While the fans complained about an 11:00 AM start, the first team was having fun on the sidelines by 1:00 PM. On the flip side, Texas played a physical, grueling three hour slugfest that lasted after 10:00 PM. The team had a relatively easy day, and everybody but Gray appeared healthy. If I were a betting man, I would bet that Gray plays. Some people are saying it's a bruised shoulder. Others are thinking it's a broken collar bone. We should know something Monday morning at the latest.

Things I Didn't Like

1) The KU passing game just wasn't very dynamic or accurate, but as usual the A&M pass defense gave up several key third and long conversions. I like what I'm seeing from the front seven in stopping the run and in rushing the QB, but the secondary is still giving up plays at the most inopportune time. Luckily, the defense made up for it with three big turnovers. That's the second game in a row where the Aggies won the turnover battle.

2) The second teams played about a quarter and a half. I was a little disappointed that Sherman didn't try to get Jameill Showers a few short completions under his belt. Showers needs all of the game day pass attempts he can get with the game safely under control.

Bring on the 6-4 Longhorns!

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