Websider Prognosticator Panel - Texas

The Websider Prognosticator Panel is energized with the last Texas game and they are getting aggressive with their picks. Did the panel pick with their hearts or their heads? Did they go with the senior-laiden A&M offense or the freshman-dominated Texas offense. How do they think the Top 10 Texas defense will affect the game's outcome?


Aggies 38
Horns 14

I see no way the t-sips stop the Ags on offense. I think Cyrus goes over 150 yards on his final game at Kyle Field. We will see Jeff Fuller rise to the occasion in his final game at home and go over 100 receiving yards with a couple of TD's. Out front seven pounds the rag doll sip QB's all day and this one ends with a very strong message to the state of Texas.


Aggies 28
Horns 24

The 12th Man will be the difference in this game. A blood thirsty crowd that hasn't tailgated a night game since mid-September will force both Texas quarterbacks into a state of panic. I think the Wrecking Crew comes out in full force and Cyrus, despite the rumors, runs for over 135 yards.


Aggies 27
Horns 24

Even though this game doesn't mean anything in the rankings, due to the rivalry and significance of no upcoming games scheduled because of burnt orange butthurt, the teams will likely play tight early on. I'm thinking a pretty low scoring, field position game if no significant turnovers happen. The Little Cart/TrAsh duo won't be able to effectively exploit the middle of the Aggie defense due to pressure or not enough talent. I still don't see the beat up sip running game dominating. On offense, the Ags should be able to move the ball and I think have plenty of opportunities over the top on double moves. Do you hear me EZ? Also looking for Dustin Harris to stay hot and take one to the house or inside the 10 yard line for an easy score. While I want this to get ugly early, more likely it stays close. See you later t-sips. Have fun in the watered-down Big 12.


Aggies 42
Horns 10

Watching the '84 and '85 games on TV with my dad made a huge impression on me as a 6 and 7 year old. The '85 game put the hook in me, because it was the first time I remember Kyle Field in all its glory much like you'll see Thursday. So scientifically, going with the score of my second memory of this game, the freshness of our team, and the proficiency of Texas' offense versus A&M's, I say A&M 42-t.u. 10. However, I think seven of Texas' points will come off of a blocked punt that's either returned, or sets up a quick score. Tim DeRuyter's defense has to be licking its chops against such a one dimensional team, with a front seven looking really good, safety play improving, and with stud CB Coryell Judie back in action. t.u.'s trench-work on defense is good, but I think they are defeated as a program, lack heart, and our boys will pour it on them. Turnovers or special teams mishaps could make this close but failure will not be an option for the men in maroon. I'll take a win, but I want a blowout, and an "S-E-C" chant they can hear from Birmingham, all the way down to my hometown of Hondo, where my Aggie roots were sown.


Aggies 28
Horns 17

Texas comes in to Kyle Field for the last time as a conference foe this Thursday. They will leave with a loss on the field and the loss of a rival they will miss more than they will ever admit. The Texas defense is good, very good, giving up a total of 30 points in their last two games against good but predictable Mizzouri and K-State offenses. Against balanced offenses they have shown vulnerability and are suspect to giving up points in their last two games of this regular season. They rush the ball very well but with Fozzie Whitaker out and Brown ailing they will not overmatch the Aggie defense. The Aggie offense will keep them off balance and move the ball. The Texas offense with McCoy and Ash will provide short fields and a turnover or two. This will be the difference in the game.


Aggies 27
Horns 10

There are so many factors that make this game hard to predict from the key injuries on both teams to the unique circumstances of this game that will make this a pressure-packed game. In the end, the team that can handle the moment and play within themselves and not get carried away with the historical significance of the game will come out on top. That typically favors veteran upperclassmen. A&M's offense consists of a senior QB, a senior running back (Gray will play), and three upperclassmen receivers. On the other hand, Texas will throw a true freshman QB, two true freshmen running backs, a true freshman receiver and a sophomore receiver. For a Texas offense that has managed 18 points in their last two games with an injured set of running backs and a deer-in-the-headlights freshman QB, it's hard to see this group handling the noise and the crazy atmosphere that will be Kyle Field on Thursday.

For Texas to win, they will need to win the turnover battle by two, and it's hard seeing this mentally fragile backfield playing a clean game. If Texas can hold the rope and keep it close in the first half, then this will be a low-scoring tight ball game. If the Aggies can strike early and put pressure on the Texas offense to pass the ball and score, it could get ugly. The Aggies lead the Big 12 in sacks (3.73) while the Texas offense ranks eighth in giving up sacks at 2.20. If A&M gets a two-score lead, the dam will break and Damontre Moore will be drooling all over Texas' backfield smelling blood. I think Texas keeps it close early, but the experience and balance of the A&M offense is too much and can't be matched by the struggling Horn offense. There will be SEC chants in the fourth quarter.

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