Tuesday Recruiting Summary

With new Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin on the road trying to solidify a Top 10 recruiting class, Aggie Websider's David Sandhop is providing daily update summaries on Texas A&M commits and major targets

As I projected yesterday, it appears that Terrell Williams will be retained by Coach Kevin Sumlin (CKS). After meeting with the team at 4:00, both Williams and Sumlin made a beeline for Houston and the first stop was to Klein to visit Matt Davis and his parents.

Matt said he was very impressed with Coach Sumlin. I asked him what his first major impression of his new coach. "He is believable. When he talks, you can tell he's honest and straight forward. There's no BS. He talked about what he expects from a QB and he said he's flexible and will run a system that fits his QB and his personnel. He told me to be ready to compete this spring. Everybody is starting from a clean slate and I have the opportunity to earn the starting spot like everybody else."

Sumlin and Williams stayed for about an hour answering all of his parents' questions and they were happy with what they heard. Matt and CKS discussed a little bit about this recruiting class. According to Matt, the duo was heading to visit Davis' future roommate Kenneth Marshall. CKS also mentioned he had spoken by phone with Trey Williams and Bralon Addison and the conversation went well. They will come back next week after the state championship games to conduct in-home visits with the other two stud Houston area commits. It was Matt's opinion that A&M shouldn't have to worry about those two, that Bralon and Trey will be Aggies.

I tried calling and texting Kenneth Marshall later in the evening. He didn't answer his phone, but he did eventually answer my text saying that his meeting went well and he can't wait to get to A&M next month. As expected, he's good to go.

I think you'll find that all of the Houston area commits will quickly solidify their commits. That group is pretty close. Dallas area commits Michael Richardson, Kimo Tipoti, Michael Wilson, and Jordan Richmond should stick once they meet with Coach Sumlin. One or two may take a visit, but generally I think this group is relatively safe.

The biggest concern is with some of these JUCO's. JUCO's don't like change or uncertainty especially when they have only two years to play. CB Tramain Jacobs seems to be the most likely to decommit and sign elsewhere next week as a mid-termer. Tennessee seems to be the biggest threat, and he visits there on Wednesday and he may go to Ole Miss next weekend. In fact, he told me that if he feels it on the UT trip he might commit, although he did seem very interested to meet with Coach Sumlin. The biggest concern is Sumlin's reputation as an offensive coach and he's concerned about what CKS will do with his defensive hires. But, just a few days ago he had all but ruled out A&M, but with a coach in place and a phone call, Tramain appears open to hearing what CKS has to say and that's progress. When I talked to him around 8:00 Pm, he was not sure when Williams and Sumlin were going to visit, but apparently since we talked they are going to try to visit him in Mississippi tomorrow BEFORE the Tennessee visit. If true, that's smart.

I also spoke to DL JUCO Damien Jacobs tonight, and at the time he was expecting Williams and Sumlin to pay him a visit in Mississippi on Wednesday. If indeed they are coming to the area earlier to see Tramain Jacobs, they may try to make the rounds with Darrington Sentimore and Damien. The good news is that the coaching change has had no impact on Damien, as he's built a very strong relationship with Coach Williams and still communicates with him every day. The bad news is that he has no leaders among a top four of Tennessee, Florida, MSU, and Texas A&M. He's visiting Texas Tech but didn't put the Red Raiders in his top four. He will decide and sign on the last day of the mid-term JUCO signing period (December 21).

Aother commit in jeopardy right now is SA Bandeis CB Colin Blake. A week ago he was telling fellow classmates that he was still strong to Texas A&M, but reports are surfacing that he'll take at least one visit to OU this weekend and possibly another to TCU or Florida State. If Blake and Jacobs both bolt, that suddenly transforms a deep, talented position into a big need.

OU is making a move on A&M recruits very hard, Aside from Blake, Stoops is also hosting JUCO A&M RB commit Marion Grice. While any OU visit for an A&M commit should be a major concern, Grice does have ties to Trey Williams and his family and he has stated previously he'd like to stay closer to home. So A&M still have a good chance to keep him if they want him. A&M may also want to inquire with Davante Bourque who has been trying to find a new school to sign after LSU oversigned at RB.

Speaking of OU, it appears they were upset with Euless Trinity DE Polo Manukainiu when he opened up his recruitment last month after being committed to the Sooners. Stoops apparently walked away from the offer, and Polo really likes the Aggies as his uncle Moses Vakalahi played for A&M in the 1990's ands he still works for the university. Despite a scheduled visit to Nebraska this weekend, all signs point to a future A&M commit if Sumlin gives the green light.

You could also see Sumlin go after one-time A&M DL target and current UH commit Tomme Mark from Lufkin, but I think that will depend on how these other JUCO DL's fall.

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