Hop's Last Recruiting Update Before NSD

This could be one of the wildest and most eventful Signing Days for Aggie fans in years. No fewer than four 4-star prospects list the Aggies in their final two school options heading into NSD. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop handicaps the chances of Texas A&M to land these high profile recruits on Wednesday.

It's been an eventful 2-3 days and it appears Signing Day will come with a lot of drama for Texas A&M fans. Granted, last year's twists and turns with the signing day journey of Floyd Raven generated plenty of fireworks for the Aggies, this year's Signing Day revelations involves multiple prospects that will ultimately determine the overall success of the 2012 class.

The drama started on Monday when safety Corey Thompson announced to recruiting services that he was switching to LSU after being committed for 11 months and being one of the founding members of the Agg Swagg Movement, a term started by A&M commit Matt Davis that the 2012 class rallied around to bring the swagger back to the Texas A&M football program.

Then Bralon Addison returned from Oregon and went underground as rumors swirled that he was poised to change his verbal pledge to Oregon. Finally, Darion Monroe felt the new staff at Texas A&M had not shown him enough attention and decided to be the top dog in Tulane's class.

However, Kevin Sumlin is positioned to answer these blows with a few Signing Day commitments of his own and it starts with the top receiver in the state Thomas Johnson from Dallas Skyline. There are other surprises in store according to inside sources. So for the last time in 2012, here's the latest odds of the Aggies to land the last remaining targets.

1) Thomas Johnson

With the recent defections of Thompson, Monroe, and possibly Addison, Kevin Sumlin will desperately need good news on Wednesday with a high profile recruit that can offset the negative PR of the most recent losses. If Addison goes to Oregon, then getting Johnson also becomes one of necessity to run Sumlin's pass-oriented offense. Based on what one fellow commit and close acquaintance told me Tuesday night, Johnson is planning to sign with the Aggies on ESPNU at 11:20 AM on national television. There were some rumors that Oregon entered the picture in recent days, but our sources do not support this outcome. The premiere receiver in the state is poised to put on the maroon cap later today.

Odds he picks A&M: 80%

2) Corey Thompson

Corey informed the Texas A&M coaches on Monday night that he was signing with LSU. He later talked to Trey Williams and Trey described Corey as still being torn over the decision. Corey has described his decision being one of where his heart was (A&M) versus where was the best football situation for him (LSU). Most people we've talked to believe his decision is close to being final. The fact that he was a founding member of Agg Swagg and that Matt Davis and Williams were reportedly still working on him to come back to the Agg Swagg family late Tuesday night, the window of opportunity remains ever so slightly open.

Odds he picks A&M: 10%

3) Bralon Addison

This is the one many Aggie fans will be watching closely. Addison officially remains committed to Texas A&M, but when Addison returned from Oregon he closed off all communication even with fellow commitments he had been extremely close over the past 8 months. Oregon sources were indicating that Addison and his friend Chance Allen has privately committed to the Ducks during their trip last weekend. Since Monday when it looked like he was bolting the A&M class, Addison reportedly opened up communication with Sumlin Monday evening and was reconsidering his situation. We've also heard that his father is pushing Oregon while his mom wants him to stay closer to home and play at Texas A&M. Playing close to home and playing with his fellow Agg Swagg recruits has re-entered the decision process and we're hearing Addison is completely on the fence and undecided as of Tuesday evening.

Odds he picks A&M: 50%

4) Hassan Ridgeway

We can tell you two things for certain. Ridgeway definitely visited Texas A&M and he continued to communicate with Coach Sumlin as late as Tuesday afternoon. Ridgeway has had a history of being unpredictable and one Scout analyst said that long before his visit to A&M that he thought Ridgeway was one Texas commit that could go somewhere else. Publicly, he has said he's solid to Texas. Privately, experts are saying Ridgeway is having a harder time with making a final decision between A&M and Texas. A&M is getting his attention with the promise of early playing time and assurances that he won;t be redshirted. Internal A&M sources are optimistic he'll sign with Texas A&M. Everybody else thinks Texas has the inside track.

Odds he picks A&M: 40%

5) Others

A&M now has plenty of room for signing day switches and we've heard the staff has made a run at several prospects and they all do have a Texas A&M LOI with them in case they decide to make the last minute switch. Here are some names that have popped up over the past few days that are possibilities: Bryson Echols, Jalen Mills, Brian Nance, Peter Jinkins, Ben Weaver, Javonte Magee, Malcolm Brown, Ryan Jackson, and others.

Odds one "other" picks A&M: 70%

In the end, I expect the Aggies to add between 2-3 prospects from this list on Signing Day.

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