Aggies offer 2014 OL Demetrius Knox

Texas A&M has offered 2014 offensive lineman Demetrius Knox (6-5, 300, 5.3) from Fort Worth All Saints. Demetrius was one of the top performers at the recent Nike Sparq camp. The Aggie Websider Tony Hooten has an indepth interview with this top 2014 offensive line prospect.

This week Texas A&M offered 2014 offensive lineman Demetrius Knox (6-5, 300, 5.3) from Fort Worth All Saints.

It is the first Texas A&M 2014 offer to an offensive lineman that we are aware of.

Demetrius found out that he was offered by Texas A&M on a bus ride to a track meet. Fort Worth All Saints Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Aaron Beck called Demetrius and said "I have great news, are you sitting down? You have just been given a scholarship offer by Texas A&M."

Demetrius said he was speechless all he could say was "Coach please don’t let this be an April fool’s joke." When coach Beck told Demetrius it wasn’t Demetrius said "Coach let me call you back in 20 minutes so this can sink in." Demetrius said he thought he was dreaming.

Demetrius said "It’s a blessing to know I have been given a scholarship by such a great school this early in my high school career."

Demetrius has not yet spoken to any of the coaches from Texas A&M since being offered, that they just call coach Beck and he tells Demetrius.

Demetrius used to play both offensive tackle and defensive tackle for All Saints but at the start of his sophomore season coach Beck just told him he saw great things in Demetrius so instead of practicing both offense and defense he focused on just playing offensive left tackle all season.

When I asked Demetrius what he thought were his strengths as a player he said "My speed, quickness, flexability and strength. I went to the Nike Sparq combine a couple weeks ago and I came in 1st place in all the tackles there and 4th place in all the offensive linemen there in out of about 2,000 people. and I'm very quick off the line."

In recent testing, Demetrius recorded a 4.89 shuttle, 27.4 vertical, 280 bench, and 600 squat.

I asked Demetrius what NFL or college plaer he would compare himself to and he said "If I could compare myself to any other football player it would have to be Michael Oher. We are about the same height and are both quick off the line, basically have almost the same background, and a lot of people used to call me 'the blind side' as a nickname."

During the offseason, Demetrius is competing in basketball and track. This is his first year to play basketball. His older brother is great at basketball and now plays in Brazil. Demetrius decided to give basketball a try this year to keep his quickness for football over the offseason and was immediately put on the varsity team." Demetrius is throwing the shotput in track with a current personal best of 43 feet, 6 inches.

The thing Demetrius wants to work on most is his strength.

Demetrius is guessing left tackle is where colleges will play him, but if not then "That’s fine with me too. Anything I can do to help the team i will do."

Demetrius just moved to Texas from Ohio a couple of years ago.

When he came to All Saints his freshman year he saw Texas A&M play for the first time and called Coach Beck after the game and said "Wow, I can see myself playing there for four years."

Demetrius has been to Texas A&M once before and "loved everything I saw."

Demetrius says "I love how everyone there is like a big family. I think that’s what a team needs to be great. The brotherhood at A&M reminds me of how it is at All Saints; we are all just one big family."

I asked Demetrius what it meant to him for Texas A&M to be his first scholarship offer and for him to appear to be the first 2014 offensive lineman to be offer by Texas A&M and Demetrius responded

"Oh yes this is a huge accomplishment for me. I'm so excited that I have a chance to be apart of Texas A&M in the future. There's something about A&M that I really just love and as far as me being the first offensive lineman they've offered all I have to say is there's no way they can find another lineman who will work as hard for their school as I will. It's an honor and a great feeling to know that all I have to do is go to school, make great grades, and workout and do all I can to be a dominant football player for the next 6 years of my life."

When I asked Demetrius what he thought of the possibility of playing in the SEC, he said "It seems like the best talent is in the SEC right now so of course I would love to play in that conference so there will be no question if I can be an elite player."

Demetrius and Coach Beck plan to visit Texas A&M on April 20th.

Demetrius says that "Texas A&M is at the top part of my college choices so far."

In addition to Texas A&M, other schools actively recruiting Demetrius include Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, and TCU.

Demetrius is interested in all of these schools, and also Texas, USC, UCLA, Florida, and Ohio State.

Demetrius' two favorite confernces are the SEC "because of all the competition" and the Big Ten "because I'm a huge The Ohio State fan."

It looks like Texas A&M's biggest competition will come from Ohio State and Texas.

Demetrius was born and spent almost all his life in Ohio and says "I'm a big Ohio State fan and I've always wanted to check them out" and that and "the University of Texas is another school of high interest." Demetrius has close family members that work in the athletic department at Ohio State and his offensive line coach played for The Ohio State.

I asked Demetrius what he is looking for in a college and he said "When I think about my future in college the school that comes to mind has to have a team that is really close and like a family like it is for me now at All Saints. I would prefer them to be in the SEC just because I feel thats where the big competition is and I would love the school to have a good Computer Engineering program because that is what I am looking to major in, either that or English because I would love to be an English teacher."

Demetrius says he would like to make his college choice at the end of my junior year or the start of his senior year, but added "Deep down I have a good idea of what school sticks out to me the most."

Demetrius will have a busy Spring and Summer, saying "On the 10th of April have been invited to Baylor. On the 14 of April I have been invited to Oklahoma's Spring game, and on the 20th of April I will be going to Texas A&M. Over the summer I will be going to Texas Tech, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Florida, USC and UCLA.

Demetrius says "my goals for the rest of my high school career are helping my team the best I can to win two state championships and that involves getting stronger and faster and doing all I can in the class room."

Finally, when asked what else he'd like people to know about Demetrius Knox, he said "Some things I think people should know about me I'm a determined person. If I want something I'll work to get it no matter what anyone says and I will reach my goals because I won't quit. I'm a hard worker and a great team player, If there is anything I can do for my brothers on the team I will do it. And my dream is to go to the NFL. I know it's pretty hard but deep down I know i will get there, that's my number one goal."

Look for Demetrius Knox to move into the next Aggie Websider Texas Top 50 for 2014.

We will follow the recruitment of this great offensive line prospect with great interest.


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