Demetrius Knox loves Fri Night Lights visit

Demetrius Knox (6-5, 300, 5.3) from Fort Worth All Saints was the first OL to get an 2014 offer from Texas A&M. Demetrius visited Texas A&M for its 'Friday Night Lights' scrimmage and the Aggies made a huge impression on Demetrius.The Aggie Websider's Tony Hooten interviewed Demetrius Knox soon after his visit to Texas A&M.


As we reported 2 weeks ago, we believe the first 2014 offensive linemean to get an offer from Texas A&M was Demetrius Knox (6-5, 300, 5.3) from Fort Worth All Saints. We also reported that Demetrius planned to visit Texas A&M on April 20th with All Saints head coach Aaron Beck.

Well, Demetrius did make that visit to Texas A&M on Friday to attend the Texas A&M 'Friday Night Lights' scrimmage, along with All Saints coach Beck, offensive coordinator Todd Hall, starting DE Xavier Phillips, and starting QB Kendall Adams.

Its clear that Texas A&M rolled out the red carpet for Demetrius and the Aggies did a great job of putting its best foot forward.

Demetrius told me "I've been on some visits to other schools but when I went out to TAMU and felt the environment. I was out there jumping around with the team haha. I felt like going out there and putting on pads so I could play right then and there. It's a beautiful school, I was in awe."

I asked Demetrius what he liked best about his visit and he said "My favorite part of the visit had to be feeling the intensity all the players had. It felt like one big family going out to war. And when I got to run out of the locker room with the team, wow that was the icing on the cake. "

"While we were there we had a tour of all their facilities and all the athletic stuff. We got to go into the locker room before and after the game to hang and talk with the players and they fed us while we were there and since I'm a lineman I loved that part haha."

Demetrius said "I met the entire staff. The coaching staff kept telling me while I was there that by now I should know how they feel about me and they really think I can be a great asset to their team. I felt like I jelled with their coaching staff well."

Demetrius is an outgoing young man and said "I talked to a lot of the players from the linemen to wide outs to the quarterbacks even the kicker."

Demetrius also talked to some of the other recruits, one more then the others, a 2013 lineman commit I suspect was J.J. Gustafson from Dallas Jesuit. Demtrius said of this lineman commit "He told me he had 17 other major offers and TAMU is way better than all of them. He said he even went out to Texas and its not even as good as TAMU. I felt exactly what he was talking about."

I asked Demetrius what were his impression of the scrimmage and style of play, and he responded " I noticed that their new style of play is to play really fast so they can tire the defense out. They're trying to get that down pact but haven't done it completely yet."

When asked his impression of the Aggie team chemistry, Demetrius said "Team chemistry is really important to me. I felt like the guys were really close. One big family."

Demetrius came away very impressed with Texas A&M saying "While I was there I had to calm myself down because it was all so great to me, I just loved it. I had to hold my tongue though because I really want to give more schools a chance and not jump ship too early because I'm just a sophomore. But if other schools want me as bad as TAMU I would like to see the same interest level because TAMU made me feel like a teammate already."

Demetrius told me he and his teammates were talking on the ride back and all 3 of them were in love with the Texas A&M program.

Demetrius plans to make more visits to Texas A&M this summer, maybe even a camp.

Demetrius is getting attention from across the country, noting "The Ohio State has told me they really want me to come down on a visit and attend their camps because they are interested and USC has said the same so this summer I will be attending both schools camps."

Demetrius added "This summer I will be visiting The Ohio State, USC, UCLA, Florida, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech and TCU down the street."

He says that "After the summer I should have an answer for all of what school I will be going to once I graduate."

It's clear Demetrius is the No. 1 2014 offensive line target for Texas A&M and they definitely showed Demetrius the love.

This combined with Texas A&M being the first major program to step forward with an offer should put the Aggies into a strong position.

But Demetrius is a great prospect who will have offers from top programs across the country, likely including childhood favorite Ohio St, so Texas A&M will have its work to do to secure a commitment from Demetrius.

The Aggie Websider will continue to closely follow the recruitment of this outstanding 2014 prospect.


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