Hop's State 7-on-7 Friday Scouting Report

Aggie Websider's David Sandhop attended the Texas State 7-on-7 Tournament held on the campus of Texas A&M University. Sandhop submitted the following scouting report on Texas A&M 2013 verbal commitments QB Kenny Hill, WR Kyrion Parker, and cornerback Tavares Garner.

Aggie Websider's David Sandhop attended the Texas State 7-on-7 Tournament held on the campus of Texas A&M University. Sandhop submitted the following scouting report on Texas A&M 2013 verbal commitments QB Kenny Hill, WR Kyrion Parker, and cornerback Tavares Garner.


I watched Kenny Hill at the 3:00 PM game. He performed about like I thought he would. Physically, he's not as gifted as Kohl Stewart in terms of arm strength. Hill's arm strength is average to slightly above average for this level of competition. His strength though is between the ears and his knowledge of the game. He's very quick with his throws. He quickly goes through his reads and doesn't try to do too much. His ball wobbles a little bit and it doesn't have the velocity of Stewart, but it's more than adequate given his decision-making. I also thought Hill was pretty sturdy physically. He said afterward he was 6-foot-2, 205 lbs. and that's about right. The other thing that stood out was Hill's presence with his teammates. He's the unquestioned leader. He doesn't do it by screaming and yelling. He does it with a calm but firm approach with his teammates.

Southlake Carroll had a two score lead in the second half, but Calallen scored on the last play of regulation on a long play that shocked the crowd and sent the game to overtime. Southlake went on offense and as |Hill collected the team on the sideline, he calmly but confidently told his team that they were going to stick to the game plan and score the winning touchdown. If the Dragons were flustered with the blown lead, Hill had those guys thinking all business and they went down methodically and scored. They stopped Calallen on their possession and secured the win. That's what I like most about Kenny Hill. He's a winner.

I watched Manvel at 5:00 PM. The team was struggling all day and you could tell there was some in-fighting and tension on the team prior to the game. At 0-2, Manvel needed a win and some help to advance to the championship bracket. Lufkin scored on its first two possessions and the Manvel offense was sputtering. Down two scores and Lufkin with the ball, one defensive play seemed to completely shift the momentum. On a simple 10-yard out pattern, Manvel cornerback Tavares Garner broke on the ball and laid out horizontal to make the interception. Manvel rallied after that scoring the next 38 points to win 38-14.

The story of this game for me was Garner. This kid is a stud...S-T-U-D. He reminds me of a cross between Tarrell Brown and Marcus Walker. If somebody asked me to make the perfect cornerback, I'd simply give him Garner. He's about 5-foot-11 with a solid medium muscular build. In warm-ups, his backpedals were as quick, fluid, and light as any I've seen. On the field, he's a "5-tool" player. He's got the length. He's got the size to be physical. He's got incredible feet and hips, and his acceleration and burst are phenomenal. One particular play showcased all of these skills as well as his knowledge of the corner back position.

Lufkin was throwing a few short passes in front of Garner as he continued to close in and stop that route. So Lufkin faked the short pass, garner bit, and the receiver released and it looked like a sure big gainer if not touchdown. But Garner turned on a dime and exploded back and as the pass floated deep toward the sideline, not only did Garner make up the ground but he got a step in front of the receiver, established inside position, and the used his body to force the receiver out of bounds and the ball landed harmlessly to the ground. The ref actually called interference on the play because there was contact, but that's what corners are supposed to do. It was a horrible call. Garner was beside himself as was the coaches and yours truly. That was a play of beauty. Probably one of the best individual football plays I've seen at this tournament in years and it got a bogus flag.

I haven't liked a corner this much since Waco High's Marcus Walker about 7-8 years ago. His personality reminds me a lot of Dwayne Wade...tough and always has his game face on.

A&M got a great one here. Seriously, he's one of the best, if not THE best, player in the Aggies' 2013 class.

As most of you know, Texas and LSU originally passed on him after their junior days. Texas did come back later and offer, but Tavares was very emphatic to say that he is done with the process and he's an Aggie 100%. In fact, before our interview he ran over to his tent to put on his A&M cap for the video.

I also watched Kyrion Parker. He admitted he was out of shape due to a minor injury that has limited his conditioning. He's a legitimate 6-foot-3 and he's pretty skinny right now. Early in the game he was frustrated at not getting many passes thrown his way. His route running and his effort were a bit inconsistent in the first half, especially when Manvel was struggling. But during the second half comeback, Parker was a key target catching 6-7 passes in the second half including a pretty 30+ yard contested long pas that he snatched from the defender. He also had a touchdown and two-point conversion in that comeback stretch.

Overall, he has good length and size, and he has very good hands. He catches the ball away from his body and is sure-handed. He has a good grasp of finding the open spaces downfield and utilizing fakes to shake his man. I thought he was a little lazy at times on his cuts. They could be crisper and I'd like to see him explode out of his cuts. He didn't seem to do that today. That might be from his lack of conditioning. Who knows? Parker certainly has the size and skill set to be a legitimate four-star caliber prospect. He just needs to clean it up a little.

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