Day Four Fall Practice Observations

The Texas Aggie football team resumed workouts Wednesday evening after a brief thundershower delayed the start of practice by 50 minutes. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop files this rain-soaked and abbreviated report from practice.

This will be a light report. A brief thundershower popped up right when practice was about to start. The team waited inside the indoor practice bubble stretching and doing very little. The media had to leave before the team finally went outside to practice.

They managed to do some punt/punt return work in the bubble with Dustin Harris, Ryan Swope, Sabian Holmes, and Thomas Johnson returning punts. Although it was a controlled environment with no wind and no gunners shooting down the field, the four returners all looked comfortable catching punts...not one drop.

As far as punting, Drew Kaser had much better punts than Ryan Epperson in the drills. Kaser booted a couple of his patented 60-yard boomers. His issue from spring was consistency, and in the few punts I saw on Tuesday, he's improved in that area. Epperson had some average end-over-end punts in the 35-40 yard range. If Kaser can prove he can stay away from the occasional 15-yard shank this fall, I think he has a good chance to win the job.

The staff allowed the freshmen and third teamers to run some 11-on-11 sets while the vets watched. The defense had Tyrone Taylor, Alonzo Williams, Polo, and Obioha along the front and Michael Richardson, Jordan Richmond, and Donnie Baggs at LB, with Deshazor Everett and Howard Matthews among others at safety.

Individually, the one thing that stuck out to me was Richardson's quickness off the edge . I was concerned with his quickness when A&M recruited him. He looked like a DE in a linebacker's body, but after seeing him coming off the edge with a lot of success in these drills, I feel much better about Richardson's ability. Obioha also slipped into the backfield several times. Polo was taken out of some plays coming off the ball too high, but when he stayed low and got his hands on the OL, he won hands-down. Polo is strong, and once he gets the technique down and add another 15-20 pounds, he'll have a chance to be a very good SEC DL. Alonzo plays lower and more consistently, but I'm starting to think that Polo has a higher ceiling at the moment.

Overall, I like this group of DL's. There's still a lot of questions about which ones will grow into DT's and which ones stay at DE. But overall, the athleticism is very impressive.

That's about it for the limited action in the bubble. They will be in full pads Wednesday evening.

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