Websider Prognosticator Panel - Florida

We proudly present the 2012 season version of the hugely popular Websider Prognosticator Panel which takes designated community members trying to beat Aggie Websider's David Sandhop and moderator GEA89. Does this year's crop of guest panelists have the moxie to beat the professionals and win some Websider Gear? Only time will tell.


Texas A&M - 21
Florida - 17

Texas A&M is likely going to come out wanting to establish their offense's strength, pounding the rock. I predict a low score at halftime as a result. Look for Trey Williams to pop a couple of big ones in the second half to push A&M ahead for good. Florida's offense is bad and will continue to be bad. Look for a late score from Muschamp's boys to make the score look more respectable.


Texas A&M - 30
Florida - 21

What's behind the curtain? We all cannot wait to see an "SEC'd-up" Kyle Field, a swagged-out head coach prowling the sidelines, a new gun-slingin' and scrambling freshman QB, a new defense longing to reestablish the Wrecking Crew of old...everything is new. And all of this about to be rolled out for the first time against a contemporary power program, hand-picked by King Slive, in front of a national audience and Gameday crew, on the very network whose overreaching with our former arch-rival served as the catalyst to propel us to the best conference in the land. Who is writing this script anyway?

With all this newness, will we see the Ags choke away this golden opportunity as we've witnessed so many times in the past? How much does my heart long to walk away from Kyle Field on 6:15pm on Saturday, finally full of pride and satisfaction that my beloved Aggies have arrived? Our time has come.

This pick is all about my faith in Sumlin and the strong roots he has established in this program. Oh to be a fly on the wall for the pregame speech! C-Mike will have a solid day, T-Will will have a spectacular one, and the Aggie o-line proves that the hype they've received is warranted as they dominate the run game. Johnny Football converts several big third downs with his legs, and relies heavily on Ryan Swope for 8 completions and a TD as the weapons in this offense simply spread a good Gator defense too thin. The Ags defense bends but doesn't break, holding the Gators to field goals in the red zone on two second-half penetrations. At the end of the day, the Gators are forced to rely more on their question marks at QB than the Ags, and it proves costly to them. Sumlin serves notice, Ags 31, Gators 20.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 23
Florida - 20

I'm not buying the vanilla comment last week by Coach Muschamp. You don't let a team stay in a game like that even at home. The QB and WRs were not on the same page and a lot of times, it wasn't even close with little pressure. Gillislee will get some big gains and I'm sure our DBs will go for an aggressive play or miss a tackle giving up some big pass plays. That being said, I still think our D limits actual TDs. On offense, as long as Johnny Football doesn't go deer in headlights, they can survive some of his first game mistakes. When a play breaks down, he will run like he did in high school. Too young to control that now. Does he survive some savage hits? I think just enough to open up lanes for C-Mike and Malena. TWill kills it on some slow developing plays or some routes in the flat. Swope gets loose for a long one. Close, but still sticking with Ags 23, Meathead-led Reptiles 20. Glorious SEC victory dance.


Texas A&M 23
Florida 16

A QB that has never played in front of amped up crowd and a coach looking to win over his fan base. If you are thinking I'm talking about A&M, I am not. Jeff Driskel is starting in his first road game with a banged up offensive line and a new offensive coordinator trying to implement a new scheme. With all of the questions surrounding A&M's newness, Florida's recipe for success is more volatile, in my opinion, especially when you factor in a road trip to the 12th Man. Stack the box, let your secondary talent shine and A&M starts its season and SEC journey 1-0.


Texas A&M - 24
Florida - 16

Jeff Driskel, Jacoby Brissett and the Florida offense really struggled last week against Bowling Green, and with a more talented Aggie defense and a crazy road atmosphere, those struggles should only escalate. However, the strong defense that is Florida's biggest strength should be able to keep the Gators in the game against an unknown freshman yet to make a start in Johnny Manziel. If the Florida defense can shut A&M down in their first few positions and quiet the crowd, it could go a long ways in giving Florida an edge. But I'll go with an Aggie victory, mostly because of Florida's offensive issues and A&M's explosive running game featuring Christine Michael and Trey Williams, two former 5-stars.


Texas A&M - 31
Florida - 21

There is something not right in Gainesville and the Bowling Green game exemplified that Muschamp does not have this team firing on all cylinders. The Gators will come in to a rowdy Kyle Field with an Aggie team pumped up playing their first SEC game after having ESPN Gameday and a ton of hype boosting their energy. Neither team has a QB who you feel is capable of taking over due to youth and experience. This one will come down to who can establish the run and make stops on defense. Coach Sumlin will cook up a few surprises and Johnny Manziel will kick off the Aggies SEC membership with a big win and Kyle will be rocking.


Texas A&M - 23
Florida - 17

I thought I was the only person that felt this would not be the shoot-out that many expect. Well, after collecting the panel's prognostications today, it appears that I'm not alone. Look, Brent Pease may have held back some formations and some tricks, but bottom line Florida couldn't execute what little they did roll out. They converted on only one of eight 3rd/4th downs and less than two yards against Bowling Green. I don't care if Bowling Green stacked the box. That's just not good. I harken back to the days of Slocum when the Aggie offense would squeak out 300 yards against a season-opening cupcake and we all said that Toledo/Babers/Hoener were holding back the game plan for a better opponent the following week. And how many times did we see the same simple, inept trash the next week. I just don't think Florida is strong on offense. The QB position has been a struggle for two seasons now. The staff just moved their starting corner to receiver. I'm sorry, but that's not an offense being held under wraps. It's an offense desperately looking for answers. As long as the wheels don't come off on Manziel in the form of turnovers, I think A&M wins this emotional game at home. A little voice keeps going off in my head chanting Trey Williams.

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