Websider Prognosticator Panel - SMU

After a solid opening week of picks, the Websider prognosticator panel is back for week two to analyze the game with SMU. Defending champ BNRFlats looked up to the challenge of defending his crown as he led all comers after week one.


Texas A&M – 44
Southern Methodist - 17

Texas A&M is going to come out and attack SMU all over the field. Running, inside and out, and passing, short and downfield, this game is an opportunity to exercise the whole offense. After playing a top shelf SEC defense last week, the offense will look much better against a defense that looked pretty bad against an average Baylor offense. A June Jones coached offense will always be able to score. SMU may even hang around into the third quarter. But A&M's depth and talent will eventually take its toll.


Texas A&M - 41
Southern Methodist - 16

The Aggies rebound with authority in Dallas, yet another sign of the culture change that has come over the Aggie sidelines. That said, the scoreboard may not completely reflect the Ags' dominance in this one, as Kingsbury and company work to push Johnny Football beyond his comfort level, which will lead to a couple of turnovers and some short fields for SMU. That said, after a full offseason working against this kind of offense, the Wrecking Crew is ready to handle this June Jones offense, and the Aggie pass rush will continue to pile up stats against a young and unsteady O-Line. On offense, the only thing that stops the C-Mike, T-Will and Malena the Masher trifecta is Kingsbury trying to develop the passing game. The Ags put up 500 yards of offense, rack up 6 sacks and a couple of turnovers of their own, but give up a couple of scores on short fields: Ags 41, Ponies 16.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 48
Southern Methodist - 23

This game worries me a little. Not that the Ags will lose, but that McLovin will be a little too successful with his scrambling and not go through all progressions. This is a perfect game for him to toss it up for Evans and TJ or wait for a long Swope cross to develop, it will be interesting to see if he can be patient enough or if KK can keep him focused. I also expect to see some of our first huge plays from TD@Will. As for defense, Gilbert will get rid of the ball quicker than Driskel so I'm not expecting as many sacks unless we get an early kill shot on him and they go to the 2nd stringer. I do think they will hit on a couple of drives or big plays due to our over- aggressive backs. I'm expecting another clean game on turnovers so I could be a little low on the final for the Ags.


Texas A&M - 41
Southern Methodist - 13

When faced with adversity and an aggressive defense, SMU put the ball gag in its mouth and strapped on the leather for a naughty Baylor Baptism in week one. Having seen that, I suspect that the Masochistic Mastermind Mark Snyder will unleash Damontre Moore and Company again in Week 2 for the Aggies. Time and time again, Garrett Gilbert has proven that when it gets hot in the kitchen, the skirt drops and turnovers of the defensive kind start accumulating. I don't think this week changes. The Aggie offense will have short fields and far superior talent. June Jones can't cover up inexperience and Football IQ shortages from his QB. This gets ugly early and the Ags shut it down in the 2nd half much like they did in 2011.


Texas A&M - 48
Southern Methodist - 21

This is a game that should be a blow-out from start to finish, as the Aggies are better at every single position by my count. A late score or two against some Aggie second teamers should make the score look closer than the game really will be. I expect Trey Williams to get 10+ carries with it being a blowout game, and against a slow SMU defense, don't be surprised to see him take one to the house. To me, the main reason this game will get out hand quickly, is the lack of speed on that SMU defense. Manziel, Michael, Williams should all be able to run circles around the Mustang defense. Look out for a dominant offensive performance, and a plethora of sacks against an inexperienced SMU O-line.


Texas A&M - 42
Southern Methodist - 17

The SMU offense will be led by former Longhorn Garrett Gilbert behind an inexperienced and young offensive line against an Aggie defense that was in the backfield against Florida all day last week. I don't see the SMU offense having a ton of success against the Aggies pressure and expect this error prone Pony offense to continue giving out gifts like Radio on Christmas. The Aggies offense while creative and effective in the 1st half against the Gators was predictable and ineffective in the second half. Freshman QB Johnny Manziel will need a big game this week and next to get him ready for the rest of SEC play and I think he will get it. Aggies roll with defense and turnovers all day.


Texas A&M - 38
Southern Methodist - 13

Not only is this a new era for A&M, but this is the first time that A&M jumped into a season with a difficult opponent. Typically, A&M starts off with weak competition and eases its way into a more difficult opponent. But A&M was thrown into the fire last week against a Top 10 defense and came out looking solid despite the close loss. I think the offense will smell blood in the water against a less athletic, slower defense. SMU doesn't have the linebacker speed to contain Manziel , and once he hurts the Mustangs with his feet, it will open up the passing game. On defense, after an encouraging performance against a top OL at Florida, I think A&M's front four will have a significant advantage over a young, inexperienced SMU OL. This is a good match-up for the Aggies. They must avoid the Florida hangover.

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