Websider Prognosticator Panel - SCSU

It's week three for the Websider Prognosticator panel and the race to victory is neck-and-neck with AginTx in the lead by only one point. Only 10 points separates first place from last place, so everybody is still alive.


Texas A&M – 52
South Carolina St. - 0

I'm at a loss as to how to prognosticate this game. SCSU appears to be a below average FCS team (they ain't no Sam Houston State), playing their second BCS school in as many weeks. They're beat up, limping, and in a lot of trouble this week. Additionally, I think A&M is better than Arizona, who thrashed SCSU 56-0 last week. I also think SMU had a lot better offense and defense than SCSU will have. That being said, my only hesitation in predicting a full scale annihilation type score is that I believe A&M will use this week's game to work HARD on the running game, thus shortening up the game quite a bit. A&M dominates from beginning to end, but we will strive to have more yards rushing than passing and hence our drives take a lot more time. I predict +100 yards for at least two of our running backs, of which Trey Williams will be one of them. I hope everyone has a pretty date to this one, 'cause y'all will be going steady by the 3rd quarter.


Texas A&M - 62
South Carolina St. - 6

After the SMU beatdown, the Ags continue the development at QB and the rest of the offense in something more akin to a live scrimmage against SC St. The real question is whether the Ags can come out clicking from the start, or will there be more "warming up" time required? This should be a game where 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams get plenty of reps. I expect to see multiple 30+ yard big plays in the first half by Johnny, Twill and Company as we saw just how lightning fast this offense can work in two effective quarters last week. The Ags D should have no problems keeping a lid on their opponents, at least while the starters and key backups are in the game. The final game score will turn on just how much the back of our bench can maintain the dominance in this game, and these kids aim to please as they have their moments in the sun. Ags 62, SCSt. 6

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 63
South Carolina St. - 6

About the only doubt in this game is when certain players will get pulled and what stats they have, so let's focus on that. McLovin makes it through halftime and the first series of the second half, 5 TDs, 4 passing, 1 rushing, then we see a quarter of Showers, one of MJ. C-Mike leaves after gaining 140 by halftime. Malena gains 70+ on limited touches. Dolezal gets 15+ carries. Evans goes over a hundy with some power running after the catch and a couple of TDs. Lamascus gets a TD also. Cobra should let the 12th Man get some rushes late in the game or play a lot of defense.


Texas A&M - 63
South Carolina St. - 0



Texas A&M - 59
Southern Methodist - 6

Texas A&M has such a speed advantage, both on offense and defense. Look for Sean Porter to come up with multiple sacks against the Division 2 SC State defense, and for De'Montre Moore to eat them alive. I also wouldn't be surprised to see De'Vante Harris come up with a pick. He plays an aggressive style at corner, and facing a weak WR and QB, that should allow him to dominate that duo. On offense, Johnny Manziel, Christine Michael and the crew will only play about a half by my estimation, but even after they leave, Jameil Showers should be able to pick that defense apart. This one should be a complete and utter blowout.


Texas A&M - 48
South Carolina St. - 3

I have heard from a little bird that Kevin Sumlin challenged his offense this week to get out to a fast start against South Carolina State. That is bad news for the Bulldogs, along with the fact that they aren't very good in general. SCSU gave up 689 yards to Arizona last week in a very balanced offensive effort by the Wildcats. The Bulldogs were held to just 89 yards passing and a paltry 65 yards rushing by the Arizona defense. I expect A&M's defensive line to dominate and Richard Crue to be on the run for his life all game. This one gets ugly in a hurry but Sumlin shows mercy in the 4th quarter and gets out of the game healthy.


Texas A&M - 55
South Carolina St. - 7

Do you really need any analysis on this game? The move to the SEC created two open spots on the non-conference schedule, going from a 9-game Big 12 schedule to an 8-game SEC slate as well as the Arkansas game switching from non-conference to SEC tilt. That put the Aggies behind the 8-ball in scheduling and why South Carolina State was added at the last minute. A&M can name its score in this one, but the best prognosticators are those that can estimate when Coach Sumlin calls off the dogs. He'll do that shortly after halftime, and the second team will add a few scores as well. SCSU adds a cheap TD along the way, but it will be all Aggies.

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