Live Notes - Media Luncheon

Coaches and players met with the media Tuesday to review Satuday's win over SCSU and to look ahead to Saturday's SEC matchup with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop was there and provided these live, summary notes from the press conference.

Jonathan Stewart

This is a big game for the team because of what has happened the past couple of years, but more importantly it's an SEC game and looking for that first SEC win.

Despite the two INT's, Tyler Wilson looks better than last year. He will be a challenge.

The key is getting Arkansas in 3rd and long situations where the A&M defense has been very strong this year.

He puts Knile Davis in the same company as Marcus Lattimore and the top RB's in the SEC despite the statistics. He's dangerous and will go off on somebody, hopefully not us.

A&M must be prepared for Arkansas' best effort.

Ryan Epperson

Admits he's gotten some good rolls the past few games, but he also thinks he's had some good punts as well.

Goal is having a net of 39 yards. Last year it was only 35 yards.

Working with Coach Jackson has helped this year. It's made him stronger this season.

His average hang time this season is 4.0-4.5 seconds.

Prefers home games to playing in Jerryworld.

Doesn't work as much on directional punting as he did last year. He preferred being a left side punter last year, but he is better going to either side this season.

Coverage and gunners are much better this season. He's a petroleum engineering major.

Coach Sumlin

He did not have a role in deciding to have the clock run continuously on Saturday.

C-Mike's performance last year versus Arkansas has no bearing on his role next Saturday. His issues are not performance-based, but other issues like the suspension. We have three good RB's. Also, C-Mike has not made it through a season so it's also an issue.

Ben Malena will be the starter in Saturday.

Trey Williams needs to learn that he can't hit a home run every carry like he did in high school. Overall, we're happy with his progress and pass protection. He's a tough guy.

There's a reason why Arkansas was a preseason no. 8. They have great skill players in Wilson, Davis, and Hamilton who had 300 yards receiving last week. Losing Wilson for a couple of games threw them off. They are a wounded animal and we'll get their best shot.

Is Wilson the best QB? Probably, but Driskel is showing people he was better than we thought at the time.

Of Manziel's 13 runs, about half were called runs and half was Johnny.

13 plays out of 80 plays is pretty significant. Historically, it's been 5-10 plays a game.

Working on Johnny to keep his eyes downfield when he scrambles from the pocket.

Johnny responds well to criticism and he's very coachable.

Players really love the new entrance. E-mail feedback has been very positive. The energy created from the entrance is important and the fans enjoy it as well.

He knows John L. Smith from their Washington St. days and he feels for his situation but knows they will come in here with a lot of pride and will play well. We'll be ready and we'll play well.

We realize that the speed of the game will be much greater than it was on Saturday, but we have the experience w Florida and our guys built a lot of confidence from that game.

Special teams returner is very important. They can flip the field. In games that might be decided by a field goal, it's huge and it's not just the returner. It's all eleven guys doing their role on special teams. We prefer to kick it out of the end zone and start it at the 25. Other coaches want to sky kick.

Deshazor Everett is still a swing guy for us. We'll move him around based on the situation. The combination in the secondary will depend more on the opponent and their strengths. He makes us more flexible and that makes us better.

Economic study just released...I'm not involved with it right now because I'm busy with the season, but after the season I will provide my input.

Asked if he had any input into Populus study on the new stadium....yeah, I told them to make it loud.

Dustin Harris

Coach showed him the missed opportunities in the SMU game and he told him to trust his blocking and that he's getting good blocking. So he took it to heart and applied what he learned in the SCSU.

They are constantly changing schemes week to week and we'll see some new wrinkles next Saturday.

Not sure who will be assigned to Cobi Hamilton. He's a dynamic player.

Seniors are taking the Arkansas game personally. We want to go out on a high note in this series.

Defensive Coordinator Mark Snyder

Good game but we had some things in pass coverage especially on 2nd down. Everett has been moved back to cornerback for this game, and Toney Hurd will likely be the starting safety. Floyd Raven should also see a lot of action going against the bigger Hog receivers.

He was VERY impressed with Howard Matthews on Saturday.

Stiff challenge against Tyler Wilson. He stands in the pocket delivers a great ball and takes hit after hit and keeps going.

I asked about the open post routes and he said it was a problem and to correct it they need to get a corner that will stay on top of the receiver which is why we will see changes.

Kliff Kingsbury

For Trey Williams, he needs to work on his protections and he's making big strides and we're pleased w his development.

He watched last year's game and what C-Mike did and they will look to get him more involved in the offense.

Johnny is learning his reads and progressions so you'll see him spread the ball around more.

When he gets comfortable, I expect him to let it loose a little more.

Johnny has always been confident.

He thought Showers tried to do too much, which is understandable for a backup QB.

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