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Week 3 saw some separation at the top and bottom as defending champion BNRFlats has opened up a 7-point lead while GEA89 is mired in last place by 11 points. The panel now looks to week 4 and the Razorbacks.


Texas A&M – 31
Arkansas - 17

I underestimated A&M last week and perhaps am doing so again. Arkansas has plenty of good athletes on both sides of the ball,. With their QB healthy, I think they keep this game closer than we'd like. A&M has yet to run the ball that effectively, even against a FCS team. The running game has to start clicking this week or else we could be in for a bad day. I look for that to happen, but I've been looking for that all season and still haven't seen it. This game has the smell of a trap game, but In JFF We Trust.


Texas A&M - 27
Arkansas - 22

The rain slows down both offenses a tad, but good defenses really flex their muscles for this game. Will be a most interesting test for the Ags offense after two blowout victories helped to rev up the O. Were these last two games just what we needed to develop enough to handle an SEC defense more than we saw in the second half against Florida? I'm afraid not just yet. Ags will need to establish the running game better than we've seen for any game this season, and C-Mike needs to be the answer. Will he answer the call and have a game like last year against the piggies? I think he has a really nice game and leads the offense, putting up 120 yards on the ground in the weather. The Wrecking Crew faces an offense with plenty of weapons, and need to beat down Tyler Wilson like a rag doll with a relentless pass rush. D'Monster must terrorize the piggy backfield all game. End of the day, this is a team that the Ags dominated for a half last year so we are not outclassed by any stretch, and we have the clear check mark on the sidelines, as the most interesting part of the game may just be John L. Smith's postgame rant on how his Arkansas Jayhawks couldn't handle the weather here in Oklahoma or this tough 'Husker defense, but that everyone needs to wear deodorant. Ags 27, Pigs 22.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 33
Arkansas - 24

Never mess with a wounded pig. Count me in the group that has major concerns about this game. Not that we shouldn't beat Arkie since we have better talent and schemes. The fear comes from the team having nothing to lose. Their season is already an utter failure and it's likely easier to play that way. We could also destroy them. I'm sitting somewhere in the middle of that. Arkie hits some big plays with their speed receivers, but the Aggie offense will have success on long drives. Also expecting a pretty clean game again with turnovers,which favors the Ags.


Texas A&M - 30
Arkansas - 17

I was tempted to predict an Arkansas win on a dry field with Hamilton and Gragg on the field. Why? Because of 25 years experience with Aggie football. With Gragg out with an injury, a depleted Arkansas Secondary even thinner now, and a forecast that calls for lots of rain, I see no way the Ags lose this game unless the turnover bug bites hard. The Ags will bracket Hamilton, and load up on a poor poor poor Arkansas line. The Ags will probably struggle on offense a bit in this weather, but in the end, A&M will have more big plays and more defensive stops in a muddy slugfest.


Texas A&M - 35
Arkansas - 24

The key to this game will be A&M's ability to slow down Tyler Wilson and the Arkansas passing game. With a weak Arkie O-line, DeMontre Moore, Sean Porter, and Spencer Nealy should be able to get to Tyler several times and possibly extend their lead as the #1 sack team in the country. Still, even with a good pass rush, Wilson has such a good arm that the defensive success will likely come down to De'Vante Harris, Deshazor Everett, and the Aggie secondary. I'm not too worried about A&M's ability to score against a weak and slow Piggie defense, especially now that a couple of key secondary players are out for the game. Johnny Manziel should be able to tear them apart, and Christine Michael will run like a caged animal after what's happened these last two weeks. If A&M can stop Wilson early, this game may be over fast, but if they can't, it's anyone's game.


Texas A&M - 35
Arkansas - 21

The Aggies will take Kyle Field for the first time against Arkansas since 1991. Hard to believe it has been 20 years since they last visited but they will leave the same way they did then, with a loss. The Aggies while not pretty on offense have been effective and the A&M defense is one of the better so far that they have fielded in a long time. Arkansas is a mess, their team is in turmoil, their defense is horrible, and the offense while effective is one dimensional. The slow starts by the Aggie offense in the last two games has me apprehensive about a blowout though, this one will be tight for awhile but the Aggies will pull away.


Texas A&M - 35
Arkansas - 21

With a steady rain expected for the entire game, this contest could become more conservative with fewer points scored and turnovers playing a larger role. And the struggling Razorbacks have been susceptible to the turnover bug, and any tournovers early could cause the Hogs to quit. Arkansas' weak offensive line plays right into Damontre Moore's strengths and that of the A&M DL. Is Johnny a mudder? I think he is. Plus, he saved a kitty this week. It's his destiny. You can't write this stuff. Ags by a couple of scores.

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