Websider Prognosticator Panel - La. Tech

It's week six of the 2012 Websider Prognosticator Panel and the competition is turning into a three-man race. It's either now or never for second tier pickers like GEA89 and Cajamali who need a couple of big weeks to get back in the action.


Texas A&M – 54
Louisiana Tech - 21

This is going to have the look and feel of the SMU game - a road game with a home crowd for the Ags. An undefeated LT squad will provide a bit of a test, but they haven't played anyone good this year. I'll predict we still turn the ball over too much as we continue to grow our offensive talent. I also predict LT QB Colby Cameron will move the ball a bit on our defense through the air due to the injuries in the secondary. But Johnny Football comes through again against a BAD defensive unit for a couple of TDs to make the score look really good.


Texas A&M - 63
Louisiana Tech - 37

Larry Jackson proves his worth (as if he hasn't already) in this game, as the Ags simply outclass and outlast La. Tech. Tech will put some points on the board, but most of their damage will be done after the Ags have put some distance between the two teams. I can't wait to see what Johnny will do against this weak La. Tech defense, and the Ags put up north of 700 yards. Defense gets a turnover or two and La. Tech just can't quite run their explosive offense against the Ags better athletes.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 62
Louisiana Tech - 37

There has already been some pretty good analysis on the game by several members so I'll go a different route. The focus should be on turnovers. Everyone knows about last week, but when you look at them individually, there should be some renewed confidence. On the long interception by JFF, a WAC DB doesn't come up with that, just as with the other interception, JFF is around the corner gaining 25-30 yards instead of getting pinned to the sidelines and making a very poor decision floating a free catch ball to the middle of the field. I feel the same way about his fumble, that was a swipe tackle by a quick SEC athlete, LSU Lite won't get there that quick and he will be off to the races or finding a streaking receiver on a broken pattern. Throw in the Swope fumble that was a great punch out/swipe by a strong SEC athlete after a huge gain, we are now at an even margin. We play these guys even on TOs, we roll fairly easily. Add in the pressure on their offense to have to put up TD after TD, we will get some stops, we will get some big hits on WRs, and we will pick them off for the first time this year.


Texas A&M - 55
Louisiana Tech - 38

I think the coaching is a push in this game. If that is indeed the case, you look at Jimmy's and Joe's and A&M is particularly well endowed with talent on the defensive side of the ball. In the end, A&M will grab a few stops and if turnovers are less than the number of defensive stops, A&M will win this game going away due to a stronger defense.


Texas A&M - 55
Louisiana Tech - 24

With Deshazor Everett and possibly Steven Jenkins out, turnovers will be an even more important part of this game than normal. If the Ags can get a turnover or two early, they can put this game away quick. If not, A&M may need some more Johnny Manziel magic, and against a poor defense, I have no doubt that he'll provide some. It is just not possible to be prepared for a player like Mr. Football no matter how much you try. He is too fast and too quick and too good. If A&M can hold onto the ball and get an INT or two early, Sumlin's boys should be able to coast to a victory.


Texas A&M - 52
Louisiana Tech - 28

Louisiana Tech is coming in to their game against the Aggies undefeated and ranked, but in looking at who they beat it isn't exactly competing for a strength of schedule ranking in the top 100. The Bulldogs are good on offense and very well coached, they will move the ball against A&M but their problems lay on the other side of the ball. The Aggies should run through their defense and make the Arkansas game seem like a tough unit. This game could be closer than my prediction if there are turnovers but I think Sumlin addressed that issue this week and the Aggies take care of the ball. Sorry Bulldogs, hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame.


Texas A&M - 48
Louisiana Tech - 31

In the three games the Bulldogs have faced defenses ranked above No. 100, the offense has averaged nearly 600 yards a game. In the two games where they faced the No. 37 defense (Illinois) and No. 82 defense(Virginia), Louisiana Tech managed under 400 yards a contest. A&M comes in at No. 45 so I expect another 400 yard game. A&M's offense can only stop themselves through turnovers. During Louisiana Tech's current 12 game regular season winning streak, they are a combined +26 in turnover margin. If the Aggies can minimize major mistakes and avoid turnovers, they should win by 14-21 points. There will be a lot of points scored, but not as many as most gamblers think.

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