Websider Prognosticator Panel - Auburn

The Websider Prognosticator Panel is trying to get back on track after a tough week against the LSU Tigers. The panel feels the Tigers from Alabama will be easier to handle this week than the Louisiana cats. BNRFlats is making a strong push to repeat as champion but 12thmanfactorAg and Hop are on his heels.


Texas A&M – 42
Auburn - 10

A&M, angered by the outcome of the previous week, comes out with all guns blazing and dominates Auburn from start to finish. One more nail is driven into Gene Chizik's coffin.


Texas A&M - 37
Auburn - 20

Can the Aggies cure the turnover bug that has plagued them all month? The sloppy play will definitely get us beat in this league, and it would sure be nice to see us play a clean game at an SEC venue. The talent on Auburn's sideline concerns me a bit, but that team is a much bigger mess than the sloppiness we've seen from the beloved in October. End of the day, Johnny breaks through a mentally-defeated Auburn D and Auburn makes too many mistakes on offense to keep it close. Ags 37 Auburn 20.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 37
Auburn - 17

In my opinion, this is a huge game. We can turn around this turnover plague we've had recently, we get another road win in the SEC, and the team can get a little rest if we take care of business early and forcibly apply boot to Tiger throat. The coaching staff will have the team focused, and there is no new SEC road novelty since we took care of that at Ol Miss. Should be a compliant crowd and a team ready to roll over (don't we know that feeling from past teams). Even with mistakes on offense, we will end up moving the ball on their D over the entire game. The players are all getting more comfortable and we will start seeing more and more execution instead of hair on fire plays. On defense, we can stuff their run, put them in passing downs, then let Demonster and Tommy Boy have some free shots at their statue QB. We may even see another defensive TD this week along with one long KO return.


Texas A&M - 30
Auburn - 14

Alan was still trying to overcome his hangover from the LSU weekend and is unable to come up with a coherent analysis of the game. In his Orson Welles voice, he only muttered one phrase…"30-14 Aggies win…Johnny…Johnny…Johnny."


Texas A&M - 55
Auburn - 13

While there is no way I think this is the actual final score, I'm down big in the prognosticator standings. Thus, I need to be far away from the pack and hope for a blowout bigger than anyone expects for me to come back. As Herm Edwards once said, "Hello, you play to win the game!" And that's exactly what I plan on doing.


Texas A&M - 41
Auburn - 17

Conventional thinking says this one is a blowout. Auburn's offense is terrible, ranking 117th in the country in passing (154), 100th in rushing (122 ypg),and 121st in the country in scoring (15 ppg). You match that up against an improved A&M defense and an offense that is off the charts ranking 18th in the country in passing yards (303 ypg), 19th in rushing (221 ypg), and 9th in the country in scoring (43 ppg). Throw in the fact that the A&M defense is 38th in the country in points allowed (22.1 ppg) and this one by the numbers looks like it could be ugly. I don't see averages per game from either team changing much in this one.


Texas A&M - 38
Auburn - 16

The point total for Texas A&M is tough to predict this week. While I think the Aggies will move the ball against the Tigers, I think Auburn will try to shorten the game by running the ball and limiting drives. The key obviously is two-fold. First, stop the Auburn rushing attack and control the tempo of the game. Second, Johnny Manziel and the running backs must value the ball and limit the turnovers. As we saw last week and in the opener against Florida, this A&M defense can stop teams that want to run first, and only pass when they are forced to. I'm wary of this game because this is a classic trap game for the Aggies, but the match-ups are just too overwhelming in A&M's favor.

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