Websider Prognosticator Panel - Alabama

It's a big week of predictions as the Aggies face the number one team in the land. Does anybody on the panel have the backbone to go with the upstart Aggies? Two souls boldly go all maroon this week with their picks. The rest of the panel folded like a cheap suit and made the easy pick.


Texas A&M – 17
Alabama - 27

This is by far our toughest game of the season. This defense is every bit as good,if not better, than Florida and LSU. Look for Bama to squeeze JFF and make him win the game with his arm. Our lack of ability to run the ball (aside form JFF) is going to come to haunt us as the game progresses. Too many drives will stall in the red zone and our kicking game will make us come up dry. Bama's offense will lean on our front seven and control the clock, which is the best way to defend JFF - keep him off the field. The strength of that line is what will eventually wear us down and win the game for Bama.


Texas A&M - 20
Alabama - 31

Upon what a glorious stage we find ourselves on this maiden voyage thru the SEC. The Ags have proven their mettle on this journey. The Ags are clicking on offense, the running game has been staggering, the defense is playing with great athleticism and confidence, we stand on the brink. I see this game playing out like a slugfest,much like the Florida and LSU games. The game is close late as we give Alabama more than they thought we would, but a late back-breaking touchdown run exposes our depth and allows the Tide to close it out. But anyone who watches this game knows that the Ags have arrived, and will be an SEC force to be reckoned with for years to come. Ags 20, Tide 31.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 20
Alabama - 27

We have seen a team grow up right before our eyes. We have a killer instinct for inferior opponents. We have no fear for those with equal talent and we stand in close and slug it out against opponents with superior talent. There is no doubt we can beat any team on any day now, we just need to prove it. I hope this is the game, but I think there is still a little growing we need to do on the road in the SEC against the best team in the land. The Cobra crew is still restocking the shelves with top tier talent and while I think we lose this game, by next year we will be pounding Bama in Kyle and the transformation will be complete. Hopefully a couple lucky bounces go our way and we do shock the college football world. Regardless of the outcome, I'm damn proud of this team.


Texas A&M - 20
Alabama - 34

The Final score looks worse than the game. This is a game that stays within 7 points most of the way until the very end. Down 27-20, the Aggies stall in the red zone, miss a field goal and Bama nails the coffin shut. My heart says this team has enough swagger and coaching to pull off the shocker, but the common sense says "not yet"..... A&M gets respect nationally, racks up over 400 yards of offense, and the A&M fanbase analyzes the result and stares at the SEC landscape with a "SOON" grimace on their face.


Texas A&M - 28
Alabama - 20

Even though Johnny Manziel has yet to have a big game against an elite defense this year, he did play well enough to have his team in a position to win both. If he can hold onto the ball better against Alabama than he did against LSU, I think he could be in for a big one. Despite maybe having the best defense in college football,Texas A&M matches up better with Bama that LSU and UF due to the slightly slower LBs that Nick Saban's Tide sports. I see Johnny making a couple big plays with his feet and cause the Alabama defense to cheat up leaving Johnny available to beat them through the air. Defensively, I think that Sean Porter is the key to this game. If he can get to the QB and stop the running game, A&M could dominate the Alabama offense. This time A.J. McCarron will be crying for a much different reason than last game. Roll over the Tide!! WHOOP!!!


Texas A&M - 20
Alabama - 27

Looking at the numbers as I always do each week I see a really tough game ahead for Texas A&M. Throw in the fact that they are playing this game in Tuscaloosa and I do not see the Aggies pulling this one out. Alabama is number one in the country in points against only averaging 9.1 points per game. Ole Miss scored 14, Missouri 10, Tennessee 13, Miss. St. 7, and LSU 17. While I love our offense I will say I think we can score more than any of those teams but not by much. The Alabama offense loves to pound it and don't care that they are 81st in the country in passing it. They will be physical and the only way I see my prediction being wrong is turnovers on either side.


Texas A&M - 27
Alabama - 24

What a bunch of wimps I'm picking with….how can all of you except one brave soul go against the magic of Johnny Football? Hambone34, I stand proudly with you in picking the fighting Texas Aggies to swag into Bryant-Denny Stadium and walk out the victors. And when it happens, we'll be the toast of Northgate and the kings of prognostication in the biggest game this university has seen in 27 years. In fact, I'm going to make this bold statement. When the Aggies leave the field triumphantly tomorrow, I'm going to give hambone free Aggie Websider swag to honor his bold prediction. Let's do this hambone!!! OH DOCTOR!!!!

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