Websider Prognosticator Panel - SHSU

Eight points separates first place and third place, so it will be a wild finish in this year's prognosticator contest. But for now, everybody is looking up to yours truly. What, nobody wants Websider swag? The panel has three more chances.


Texas A&M – 63
Sam Houston - 0

This is such a hard game to predict as the final score will be whatever we want it to be versus whatever we will let them have. That being said, both teams have a vested interest in having their starters out of the game for the second half. SHSU starts their playoffs next week and doesn't want to risk injuries for a moral victory in a meaningless game. A&M feels the same way and will call off the dogs when SHSU does. That being said, Sumlin might want to pad Johnny's stats a little bit and will throw the ball A LOT in the first half to see if Johnny can break the 3,000/1,000 barrier before halftime, thus allowing him to come out of the locker room wearing a visor. Look for that to happen and A&M to cruise in the second half to get ready for Mizzou.


Texas A&M - 67
Sam Houston- 10

How long does Johnny play? I say three and a half quarters, but the Ags stay on the gas even after that. It would be great to see Trey Williams get a ton of carries this game too. D plays with great pride, but Sam gets a couple scores late against the end of the bench. We score 10 touchdowns but miss three XPs. Ags, 67, Sam 10.

BNR Flats

Texas A&M - 62
Sam Houston- 20

This game certainly has some factors that make predicting the score pretty difficult. Will the Ags be flat? Will SHSU be pumped facing the hottest team in the nation? Will SHSU rest starters to be better prepared for the playoffs? Will there be a running clock during the second half? I do believe SumDog releases Johnny to keep the Hypesman focus for at least one half and one drive, which should be good for 41 points. I think there may be a running clock since SHSU doesn't want DeMonster taking out their QB or Tommy Boy accidently falling on him in celebration. Therefore, Showers will only have a couple of real series to work with the offense. Or we can still be thinking of Bama and lose 34-21 according to some experts.


Texas A&M - 52
Sam Houston - 17

Why are we playing this game? Johnny steamrolls towards the Heisman and Showers puts up better numbers than Collin Klein does this week (in the 2nd half).


Texas A&M - 78
Sam Houston - 6

IcedTeaFanatic, I'm going against you here. We will NOT lose to the Bearkats, who can't even spell their name right. We will actually beat them by more than 60. I have it at 72. I think with all the Heisman hype and talk, Sumlin will leave Johnny Manziel in through the third quarter to pad his stats, and his stats will be crazy. On top of that, Sam hasn't faced anyone anywhere near the Aggies level on either side of the ball and will come out stunned and will not be able to do anything. Texas A&M will come out rolling in this one after last weeks big win and flat out dominate SHSU.


Texas A&M - 62
Sam Houston - 17

Hard to look at numbers here as I always do and come to a prediction when Sam plays such a dramatically different level of talent and does not have one quality game on their schedule yet. Looking at what they like to do by running the football really will play into an A&M strength. They seem to rely on the home run quite a bit and I do not see A&M getting burned enough to make this a close game. Their defense has given up a lot of points in a few games and none in others but 43 to SFA and 48 to Baylor stand out to me. Just going on gut here, I'll give them 17 as we will play a lot of our depth.


Texas A&M - 63
Sam Houston - 21

Sam Houston has a formidable offense for any level of college football. It's only natural for the Aggies to have a let-down after last week's Alabama game, and they will. But the offense and Johnny Football are too good for that let-down to show up in fewer points and yards. But it will show up on defense where the Aggies have a history of playing loose in coverage with a lead. Don't be surprised to see the Bearkats move the ball and score a few touchdowns, but in the end they can't stop the A&M offense and A&M's defense will get plenty of stops to make this an easy win.

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