Aggie Baseball Scrimmage Summary

The Texas Aggie baseball team is hard at work preparing for its inaugural season in the brutal SEC baseball race. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop has a full report from Friday night's scrimmage.

Grey Lineup

1. Reynolds SS
2. Bolcerak DH
3. Allemand RF
4. Woods LF
5. Lankford 1B
6. Stein C
7. Logan Taylor 3B
8. Charlie Curl 2B
9. Bratsen CF

Maroon Lineup

1. Statum OF
2. Raley 1B/OF
3. Nau C
4. Mengden (5th) DH
5. Danny Holst LF
6. Andrew Vinson SS
7. Drew Featherston 2B
8. J.B. Moss OF
9. Ryan Rand 1B

The maroon lineup changed up quite a bit so position may not be completely accurate.

Based on what I saw in the fall and what I saw yesterday (which I admit is not an adequate sample size and we still have two more weeks of practice), but in my mind here's what I'm thinking about the starters:

1B - Lankford
2B - Allemand/Curl/Featherston
SS - Reynolds
3B - Logan Taylor
C - platoon Stein/Nau
LF - Wood
CF - Bratsen
RF - Raley/Mengden/Allemand

Projected Lineup

1. Reynolds SS
2. Bolcerak DH/RF
3. Lankford 1B
4. Mengden DH/RF
5. Wood LF
6. Stein C
7. Allemand 2B
8. Taylor 3B
9. Bratsen CF

Notes from scrimmage:

Blake Allemand was a utility fielder for the Ags as a freshman and I still think he'll end up at 2B, but he played right field last night and made an absolutely great running catch going full horizontal running toward the 375 ft. sign. That was a big-time play. He also threw out a runner at the plate. But, I think they will want his bat at 2B...but he's playing RF now.

Reynolds looked solid defensively at SS. He better be, because the others at SS make errors in bunches and have a hard time making consistent throws to first base.

Logan Taylor is a big, muscular boy for a fish. His bat isn't anything that screams out at you, but he made a couple of diving stops down the line at third and looks very good defensively. I've heard he's been impressive in the field so far, and that will likely get him the job because everybody else is booting the ball.

If you ask me, the biggest surprise were the catchers and their throws to 2B. Both Stein and Nau were clocking under 2.0 seconds home to 2B and pretty accurate. There were a few stolen bases, but most were taken off the pitcher.

As expected, the starting pitchers controlled the game early. Daniel Mengden started for the grey (and he later hit for maroon) while sophomore Corey Ray started for the maroons.

Mengden threw four innings. He didn't allow a run, only two singles, one walk, and struck out five batters.

Ray also threw four innings, allowing an unearned run in the first. He scattered four singles (Bratsen, Allemand, Lankford, Reynolds) and he did not walk a batter.

Now, the question about numbers in a scrimmage...were the pitching numbers a result of good pitching or poor hitting. I think w did get our answer last night, because both new pitchers came into the game in the 5th and both were hit around pretty hard and gave up two runs each.

I think the starting pitching was just that good. Freshman Hunter Melton and transfer Nathan Sorenson were the relievers and they weren't that bad, but clearly the hitters were glad to see both starters exit the game.

In the six inning scrimmage, there were 12 total hits but only Krey Bratsen had a multi-hit game. In fact, Bratsen was the most productive with a clean line drive single, a double that rattled off the left field wall on a cool night, and he also ripped a gapper to right center that the CF just ran down at a full run.

singles...Bratsen, Allemand, Reynolds, Wood (RBI), Statum (RBI), Curl, Raley, others (2)

doubles...Bratsen (RBI), Moss (RBI)

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