Saturday Practice and Junior Day Notes

Aggie Websider's David Sandhop was on-hand as the Texas Aggie football team hit he practice field for the first time this spring. The practice was held in conjunction with the staff's second junior day. Hop has all the latest news from Saturday's practice and junior day.

Let's start with recruits at the practice:

*DE Jarrett Johnson
*S Dylan Sumner-Gardner
*DT DeShawn Washington
*WR Armanti Foreman
QB Jeremy Jones
QB Darius Lee-Campbell
WR Cameron Batsen
OL Austin Schlottman
OL Braylon Hyder
OL Evan Brown
OL Najee Toran
LB Josh Mabin
LB Otaro Alaka
Ath Armani Watts
DE Javon Shelley
*RB Kevin Shorter
CB Terrence Alexander
CB Darrion Johnson
DB Kendall Sheffield (2015)
QB/Ath J.W. Ketchum (2015)
DE james Lockhart (2015 -guy that was supposed to give Terence Williams a ride)
OL Garrett Thomas (2015)

* Claims an offer

A few observations as I glanced at a few recruits as I was taking pictures of practice.

1) DeShawn Washington showed up with his entire family and he was decked out in Aggie gear (decked out in Texas gear last weekend), so gear isn't an indication of where he's leaning. He's about 6-foot-2 (at most) and I'd say 260 lbs. Not the most imposing guy physically, but I think people are blowing out of proportion that picture of Washington w/ Vince Young.

2) DE Jarrett Johnson looked about 6-foot-3, 230-240. He had a nice, lengthy frame with average build.

3) Josh Mabin might be about 6-foot, but he is pretty thick. I'd say 220-225 lbs. Not as tall as I thought, but very thick and muscular.

4) Austin Schlottman looks about what I was expecting at about 6-foot-4, 270-280 lbs. I'd estimate. I did not get a good look at Evan Brown but I'd say he's shorter than his listed 6-foot-3. I didn't see NaJee Toran, but he texted me this morning and said he was definitely going today. I may have missed him, but I put him on the list.

5) SA Central QB Jeremy Jones is VERY skinny. He's definitely 6-foot-6. He looks like a basketball player. QB Darius Lee-Campbell from Spring passed the eyeball test.

6) Louisiana CB Terrence Alexander looked shorter than he's listed.

7) Millwoood (OK) WR Cameron Batson looked shorter than me when I walked by him. He's definitely a booger type. I'm talking 5-foot-7 small.

8) Some of the signees were in attendance. At one point, Kyrion Parker and Ricky Seals-Jones were standing next to each other and they are very similar in height. RSJ may be a half-inch taller, but Parker was a little taller than I remembered, and RSJ may not be as tall as the 6-foot-5 listed.

9) Keep an eye on Dylan Sumner-Gardner. This is his second trip and I could see him pulling the trigger.

Thoughts From the Practice

Well, make that thoughts from the first 20 minutes of practice when the team stretches and goes through some light drills. Let's talk eyeball test and who passed with flying colors.

1. Jaquay Williams

Yeah, I'm man enough to admit it. I have a man crush on No. 4 after seeing him in some passing drills today. First of all, he's actually not as thick as I remember him on film. He also looks more explosive in and out of cuts and he accelerates like a deer. He's very smooth both in his running and his receiving skills. He has that "it" factor. If I were asked to draw the prototypical perfect receiver body, I'd use Williams as my model. He's about 6-foot-3 and 190 lbs....not too skinny and not too thick. He's just right...yum yum.

In watching his tape, I saw him as a Mike Evans part deaux. But after today, he's a guy that can do some major damage in the middle of the field and frankly anywhere on the playing field.

2. Cameron Clear

Are you kidding me? This guy is an athletic freak. He's got the thighs of a sprint champion and the frame to be an offensive lineman. It will be interested to see him when the pads come on and they start with some live drills, but it has been a LONG time since A&M has had a tight end look like that.

3. Alonzo Williams

It's not like he looked like a muscular high-twitch beast. He's not that body type, but he has gained weight and definitely looked like a defensive tackle. He changed numbers to No. 83, and while he's still about 20 pounds lighter, he kind of looks like Tony Jerod-Eddie. He looks the part now. Last year, he looked like a tweener.

4. Kenneth Marshall

Look, I'll admit that I was very down on Kenneth Marshall. He just didn't look like a quality D-1 athlete walking on the sidelines with the injured players. When he finally got back on the field this fall, he didn't look all that inspired and looked rather average physically. Well, we can't answer how he plays yet, but it does look like he's put some time and effort in the weight room and he looked better on the hoof.

5. Kirby Ennis was in his jersey and stretching with the injured players, so it doesn't appear the suspension thing is too serious. Julien Obioha was also out there having a good time in warm-ups and looking fine. It sounds like they are holding him out for precautionary reasons. Steven Jenkins and Justin Bass were out there with the injured players as well. I did not see Michael Richardson or Jordan Richmond. Take that with a grain of salt because with so much going on, it's easy to miss a couple of people.

6. More Newcomers

Tommy Sanders - I heard a couple of guys that one service said he was small. Hmmm, I didn;t see that. Remember, he's an outside linebacker so he's not going to be thick and muscular. He has a medium build which is good for the position and he's a legit 6-foot-2. I think he's a good looking athlete for his position. He gets a thumbs-up from me.

Reggie Chevis - He's about what I expected. Probably a few pounds overweight but not to bad. He's about 6-foot-1 which hits his listed height, and probably 240 lbs.

Jeremiah Stuckey - I've seen some analysts and services list him at 6-foot-6. I'm not going to say he's not that height, but from my quick observation, I'd say he's 6-foot-5 at most. Still, that should be OK for the tackle position. He was backing up Jake Matthews on the left side. He has nice bend and he's fluid. His footwork is a tad choppy, but nothing to be overly concerned at this point.

Brett Wade - Frankly, he's the only newcomer I didn't see up-close. He's on my list to focus on for Tuesday.

Other Random Notes

Listed from right tackle to left tackle in order, he first unit OL consisted of Ogbuehi, Ifedi, MMatthews, Harrison, JMatthews.

The second unit consisted of Cheek, Klinke, Compton, Gramling, Stuckey.

Mike Evans looked like he has trimmed down a little bit. He was getting pretty thick last year and I'm sure the staff wants him to add a step in his speed. I also thought Derel Walker looked very good on the outside. I think A&M will be loaded at the outside WR position in 2013. I will look at the slot guys on Tuesday.

The DL has a lot of hair this season with the long locks of Polo Manukainiu and Jordan Points. Polo has added about 15-20 pounds, but I think with his height he still needs to fill out some more. Points has DT thickness to him and he has a nice motor. He's not as tall as he's listed. He's about 6-foot-2, but that's no big deal for what he'll be asked to do at DT. I think there's some promise there, but I want to see him in live drills.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask but I won't answer them until after tonight's basketball game that starts in 30 minutes.

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