MLB Draft Could Take Several Aggies

It's MLB Draft time again and all college coaches are sweating out these next two days. 2014 fortunes on the diamond will be directly affected by what happens in the war rooms of Major League teams looking to stock their farm system. Here's a look at how today's draft could affect next year's Texas A&M baseball team.

Of course, Kohl Stewart taken by Minnesota with the No. 4 overall pick means he's gone, but when his name stayed on the 1st round big board late we knew he was likely to sign. Guys that are truly a risk to go to college start to drop in the last few weeks and Stewart kept rising so you knew his agent was indicating that his client would likely sign as long as there were no shenanigans in negotiations. But these days with the slotting numbers, it's not likely to bog down in negotiations.

So that was actually it for players related to A&M in the first two rounds last night. Rounds 3-10 will start at noon today.

There's not a lot of drama for A&M fans. Since Rafael Pineda has been at A&M for more than four years despite only being a junior, I think he signs regardless of where he is drafted.

I think Jason Jester will sign unless he is hugely disappointed and taken after the 20th round. He's a fourth year junior, so as long as he doesn't fall too far, he'll probably sign.

I have no idea what Krey Bratsen will do because I don't know where he'll be taken. Last year he was a draft eligible sophomore and he went undrafted after being a potential top pick coming out of Bryan High.

Bratsen is an enigma. He has all the physical talents that project at the MLB. He has world class speed. He covers a ton of ground in centerfield. He has a surprisingly string arm, so his defensive skills are a plus-plus. But he struggles significantly at the plate. Last year, they found out that Krey needed glasses and that he couldn't see the ball coming out of the pitcher's hand. Well, he did improve his batting average by 40 points from .240 to .280 but he still can't see the ball because he was still guessing at the plate all season which is why you'd see him swing at a ball that hit a foot in front of the plate.

Maybe a team will take a flier on him in the mid-teens thinking that his physical skill set in CF is just too good to pass up and maybe they can do something with him at the plate. So I don't know if he comes back. If any team drafts him at a reasonable round, he'll be gone.

The high school signee to watch is Burleson pitcher Casey Shane. He could go as high as the fourth round, or he could fall outside the 8th or 9th round. Obviously, if he's taken in the 4th-6th rounds, he's probably gone. Anything later and A&M might have a shot, but he would have to drop to the 13th or 14th round before I'd start feeling he could wear an A&M uniform.

People last fall felt infielder Ronnie Gideon from Hallsville would be a big MLB Draft threat, but from what I can tell his draft stock tailed off his senior year. There's a chance he's taken high enough to consider signing, but I think he has a good chance to be in College Station.

Tomball hitter and outfielder Nick Banks is in the same boat as Gideon. Somebody may sneak up and take him late today (8th-10th round) which could cause some complications, but he'll probably be a third day draftee and I think he'll be at A&M.

Also, look for senior Mikey Reynolds to be called today. He really improved his stock with some slick defense and range the last half of the season. Add in a solid bat and good speed and he's a good, projectable baseball player.

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