Class of 2014 Recruiting Overview

With seven months to go before signing day for the Class of 2014, the Texas Aggie football team is sitting at 14 verbal commits. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop takes a look at the remaining targets by position and projects who he thinks A&M will land.


Needs: None

The Aggies have already secured arguably the best QB in the nation. They are not looking at any other prospects at this time.


Needs: 0-1

Kevin Shorter*
Joe Mixon
Leonard Fournette

Kevin Shorter took an unofficial visit to Texas A&M last Monday and has publicly stated that he's down to the Aggies and Razorbacks for his services. A&M has sold him on the fact that there's only four RB's on the roster and he has a chance to get on the field early. Distance seems to be a factor with him, so the Aggies have the inside track, although the longer he takes the Aggies could get more seriously involved with some of these nationally-elite prospects like Joe Mixon who is still months away from narrowing down his list of 30-40 offers. He is supposed to take another unofficial to both A&M and Arkansas later in the summer and he says he may even wait to take his official visits before deciding. My guess here is if and when A&M decides to push for a commit, they can probably land Shorter quickly.

Hop's Projection: Shorter….but watch for the national guys if A&M can get them on campus.


Needs: 2-3

Speedy Noil*
Mark Andrews*
Davion Hall
Malachie Dupre
D'haquille Williams
Armanti Foreman
K.D. Cannon

In talking to my Louisiana sources with direct contact into the Edna Karr program, they keep saying that Speedy Noil is very serious about leaving the state and that his final top here of A&M, Florida, and USC is a legit list. Sure, you always have to consider LSU in this equation, but I keep hearing that Noil is not enamored with the Tigers at the moment. I'm also hearing that USC is a distant third, and that A&M has a very good chance here. Call him a wide receiver, a tight end, or a hybrid of the two, but the 6-foot- Andrews is a great pass catcher and route runner. Oh, and he's also Kyle Allen's No. 1 target at Desert Mountain HS. Andrews has family ties to OU and he likes the academics of Notre Dame, so this one will be tough. However, he's scheduled to be in College Station in mid-July and I have a feeling that visit will go well. Call it reading the tea leaves. Call it a hunch. I keep thinking Davion Hall will warm-up to the Aggies and want to play with his brother Tra Carson, but for now Hall is sticking with Baylor. The longer he stays in the green and gold, the chances to flip him get smaller. All indications from Louisiana is that Malachie Dupre will eventually land with LSU. JUCO All-American D'haquille Williams was set to go home to Louisiana and play for Les Miles, but he actually decommitted from LSU a few weeks ago and while LSU is still recruiting him, it's hard to imagine that Miles will wait around for him again after being jilted once. He has a who's-who of college football after him, but the Aggies are in his top 5 and I'm never going to count out A&M for any receiver these days. He's a December graduate as well. I think KD Cannon is a longshot at this point in time.

Hop's Projection: Noil, Andrews


needs: 0-1

Bryce Dixon

Hop's Projection: none…unless you want to call Andrews a tight end.


Needs: 1-2

Braden Smith*
Casey Tucker*
Chad Mavety

After watching Jason Jewell's video interview over the weekend with Casey Tucker, I think A&M has a much longer road to land his services than many are projecting. A&M is in the mix, but so are 7-8 other schools and there's nothing compelling that leads me to believe A&M is near the head of the pack at this point. On the other hand, Kansas native Braden Smith has whittled his list down to a few and A&M is definitely on that list. I'm hearing it's coming down to A&M, TCU, and Notre Dame and that there's a good chance he winds up in Texas. These days when A&M is a finalist, I like their chances. I think the staff likes Zach Ledwik's versatility enough that I'm not sure the staff will take a second OL (interior), but that will be dictated by numbers in the class down the road.

Hop's Projection: Smith


Needs: 2-3

Josh Frazier*
Gerald Willis*
Qualen Cunningham*
Myles Garrett*
Deondre Clark
Davon Godchaux

This is where the rubber meets the road. A&M has some spots to fill, and there are plenty of high four star talent looking A&M's way. Until I hear differently, I still think DE Myles Garrett eventually commits to A&M. After seeing Qualen Cunningham's video interview over the weekend from's Jason Jewell, you have to wonder just how enamored Cunningham is with the Aggies. He was asked point blank about A&M, and he didn't seem to light-up when speaking about the Aggies. I'm not saying that means much, but he certainly didn't seem like a recruit on the verge of ending the process. As with Noil, we keep hearing that Edna Karr teammate Gerald Willis is giving A&M a serious look. In fact, A&M is in his top two. Arkansas' Josh Frazier visited A&M a couple of weeks ago and loved it. In fact, his family's situation has changed and they are considering moving back to Texas, which would play into A&M's favor. I do think A&M lands one of Frazier and Willis…first-come, first-served. Deondre Clark is one of my favorite DE prospects and the rest of the nation's elite programs think so as well. A&M is still in his top 5, so we'll see what happens. Davon Godchaux is supposed to be taking an unofficial visit to A&M later in the summer, but a recent LSU offer could put a kink into those plans. I still think a senior defensive end is going to pop onto the scene in Texas that will get A&M's attention, but any of those DE prospects could be the one especially if A&M wins in 2013.

Hop's Projection: Garrett, Willis, DE not officially offered yet.


Needs: 1-2

Edwin Freeman*
Zach Whitley
Kenny Young

I'm not sure A&M is in a good position for any of the linebackers they've offered so far. Freeman is probably A&M's best shot, but the delay in offering him last spring hurt A&M's chances. I think they could've had him in February with a quick offer. In the end, I think A&M will let this situation play itself out in September and take the best performer whether that be a Sam Sizelove or Josh Mabin, or a new target that emerges.

Hop's Projection: A&M will land a player not officially offered yet.


Needs: 1-2

Jamal Adams*
Steven Parker*
Tony Brown
Nick Watkins

The news of the last few weeks is where will Jamal Adams play his college ball. Well, on Twitter just the other night he said the drama will end sooner than anticipated and he'll commit in August prior to the 2013 season. Thought to be a heavy Longhorn lean late in the spring, my internal sources have been quietly confident in A&M's chances with the elite safety. Those sources were going against the grain as most public reports indicated it was the Longhorns and Florida Gators way out in-front. Internal sources are wrong a lot of the time and tend to be overly optimistic…well, that was when A&M was clearly the No. 3 program in the pecking order for the state's top talent. With A&M now the flavor of the year in 2013, when the internal sources say they like where they are at with Adams, I'm going to take a little more stock in that information. We'll see, but even some of the public reports have Texas fading and Florida becoming the leader after a recent visit to Gainesville. I'm going to stick my neck out and go with the maroon sources this time. It may bite me, but what the heck.

Hop's Projection: Jamal Adams

* A&M listed in top 3

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