State 7-on-7 Tourney Summary - A&M Targets

Aggie Websider's David Sandhop traveled to Round Rock for the culmination of the 2013 7-on-7 summer season. Here's a brief rundown of a few Texas A&M commits and targets from Friday's State 7-on-7 Tournament.

Here's a brief rundown of a few Texas A&M commits and targets from Friday's State 7-on-7 Tournament in Round Rock.

Jamal Jeffery

I'll be honest. I was in the camp of those kinda ho-hum about this early A&M commit, but the kid won me over today. He's listed at 5-foot-10 and I've seen people claim he's only 5-foot-8, but after standing next to him I'll say he's 5-foot-9 to 5-foot-9.5. But man is he a bundle of energy and confidence, and after every big catch (and there were many), he'd let the opposing DB know it every time.

Yeah, the under-sized label is still there to some degree although I wouldn't call him a waterbug type by any stretch, but he completely changed my opinion on his speed. He has another gear and on just about every long ball he gained separation. He also goes up for balls and fights for the catch, ans made several acrobatic grabs in the corner of the end zone.

But it was his speed that surprised me the most. I don't know how he'll look in pads at the collegiate level, but at the state tourney today he was one of the best football players on the field today.

Jamal Jeffery Highlight

Jamal Jeffery Interview

DaMarkus Lodge

Lodge is a smooth athlete...a stallion. In addition, he knows how to run routes and fool his DB defender. High athleticism and high IQ equals a pretty good football player.

Lodge Highlights 1

Lodge Highlights 2

Sam Sizelove

Videos show him much faster and ability to cover. The knock on him was speed at the ILB spot...which I think is unfounded after seeing him today. He even played some safety and wide receiver making two very nice contested grabs in the air for two TD's. I'm not saying this is the second coming of Hoza Scott, but I would offer him because he's more athletic than advertised and he's a football player and a winner. Kid has confidence on the field.

Sizelove Highlights 1

Sizelove 2

Shaun Nixon

The videos I took weren't good, but I'm downloading some still pics of him. He's another early offer and commit that I frankly had some concerns about on initial review of his junior highlights. But two things stuck out to me as he lined up all day in the slot. The kid has some meat hooks for hands. Every pass sticks to his hands. He's a natural pass-catcher. There's no doubt about that. He also showed very impressive explosion after the catch. He can make people miss and he also showed some burst on a few catch-and-runs that found the end zone an left defenders trailing him. He'll be a great third down back in this A&M offense.

Nixon Interview

Josh Walker

Walker has the great size. He is also a big leader on the team and a good kid. He'll be a great presence in the locker room. He was ALWAYS picking up his teammates when something didn't go their way and keeping them focused and on-task. I'm downloading his videos tonight as well as the photos.

Walker Interview

Edwin Freeman

I agree with recent observations that Freeman is built like a future collegiate LB than a safety, but he played safety this weekend and I thought he had decent footwork and quickness for his wide frame. I'm not saying he can be an elite D-1 safety, but he moves better than a couple of highly-rated safeties I also saw yesterday. But either way, I think he has plenty of athletic ability and explosion to be a take all the way. If it were me, I'd double down on my efforts to get this kid.

FReeman Highlights 1

Freeman Highlights 2

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