Websider Football Practice Report - Day 2

The Aggies were back out at the grass practice fields for day two of fall camp 2013. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop was on-hand for the 20-minute media access period and reports on his observations and thoughts.

Overall, I've felt the quarterbacks have been a bit sloppy in their throws so far. They all struggled on the 15 yard out-route. With a stiff wind at their back, every passer missed long and outside with the exception of Matt Davis who threw one strike. The group completed about 1-out-of-8 in that route. Johnny Manziel continues to miss long on some of his deep throws. Again, there's a stiff wind at their back, but the QB's usually adjust after a couple of throws.

With that said, the four scholarship QB's are spinning the ball well...technique and delivery looks pretty good across the board. But the rubber meets the road in live action, and that's when the guys will separate. Sumlin mentioned afterward that Kenny Hill threw an INT and he went up to Hill and said "the game is faster than you thought, right? I bet you completed that pass in high school." He suggested that Hill will likely fall behind as Coach Snyder implements more complex packages.

At receiver, people have been buzzing about Ricky Seals-Jones because of his sheer size and athleticism. But what gets lost in the drool is that the big man has very nice hands and he extends his arms and catches balls with his hands at the apex. He has a chance to be special if he gets the offense down and runs routes with precision.

I'm not going to stop there with the big outside receivers. Mike Evans has been showing soft hands and has made some great catches. That's nothing new, but he's healthy and more explosive off the block. Kyrion Parker also made a couple of extended catches and one-handers. Parker needs to be more explosive off the ball and in-and-out of his cuts.

I'm liking Sebastian LaRue more each day. He's got pretty good size and runs like a high energy guy very quick in-and-out of cuts, along with good hands. Jeremy Tabuyo and Quiv Gonzalez are also incredibly quick out of breaks with good high-end speed.

In watching the OL briefly, they were focusing on pulling the guard and I specifically watched Germain Ifedi who moved well and put on a good block at the next level. I'm getting excited about the first unit OL. They will be as good or better than last season. Joas Aguilar is still not practicing with the OL's and he's apparently hurt.

On defense, it seems Kirby Ennis gets bigger every time I see him. He's looking explosive in drills, and I'm expecting a big year. But for me, the bigger news was watching the big 3 freshmen DT's. Golden and Walker have been getting most of the kudos because they passed the eyeball test, but I must say that Justin Manning looked the best of the three in the drill where the player grabs, pulls, and swim moves past the blocker. Manning has the strongest hands and he was the most effectively grabbed and pulled. Isaiah Golden looked pretty good in the same drill. Hardreck Walker probably had the toughest time with the drill and Price had him do it over again a couple of times. Manning isn't the biggest of the three and he's a little bit pudgy and soft, but he's the strongest one.

I didn't watch the linebackers or defensive backs, but I will get to them this week.

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