Websider Fall Practice Report - Day 5

The Texas Aggie football team concluded the first week of fall training camp with a two hour session. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop gives you the latest from the grass practice fields.

FYI, I tried to document the 11-on-11 live sessions in the photo gallery and it gives you a good idea of what Manziel did. Otherwise, the 15 minutes was filled with special team drills chasing big, red bouncy balls (see photo gallery), and the OL doing it's usual assignment work and the DL on the blocking sled (see photo gallery).

As I previously mentioned, Manziel started off with the first unit. No major changes or surprises with the lineup. Same OL starting unit. Malena was in the backfield with Manziel and four receivers...Evans, Walker, Holmes, Kennedy.

The big play was a intermediate pass completion to Holmes who added more yardage to the play going down the sideline (overall, about a 20+ yard gain). Manziel then scrambled to his right and floated a soft pass that looked to be short but Evans was charging hard coming back and he literally picked it about two inches off the turf for a great 10-15 yard catch.

On the third play, Manziel again scrambled around...this time to his left and threw a floater across his body on a very danagerous throw to the middle. Once again, Evans charged hard near the goal line but Devante Harris also had a beat on the ball and they both met at the same time and the ball was knocked away (again, I actually captured this play in the photo gallery). The first team offense had to settle for a field goal.

The first team defense ran exclusively a 3-3-5 with Stansbury, Williams, and Obioha upfront with Nate Askew, Steven Jenkins, and Donnie Baggs at linebacker with Harris, Everett, Raven, and Matthews in the secondary.

Matt Davis ran the second unit on offense. No surprises or changes to the OL rotation (Cheek, Klinke, Compton, Gramling, Stuckey). Trey Williams was in the backfield and the four receivers were Pope, Gonzalez, LaRue, and Seals-Jones. LaRue was actually on the outside and RSJ at the slot.

Ricky Seals-Jones caught a short pass, as did Ed Pope who was popped out of bounds pretty good by CB Alex Sezer. Davis also scrambled once for a few yards and that set up a long FG that was good. FYI, Bertolet is still out of action but on the field with the kickers in shorts.

The second team defensive rotation had a few changes with a three-man DL front of the Taylor brothers at the end spots and Isaiah Golden in the middle. Linebackers were Tommy Sanders, Brett Wade, and Justin Bass. The secondary remained the same with Sezer, Jacobs, Ellis, Moeller, and Hunnicutt.

No new players missing action. Robinson is still working out on the side. Kam Miles and Brandon Williams are on the side not working out. Joas Aguilar still has not practiced and has not been present at all. The buzz is that he may have a back issue. But with one functioning freshman OL and only 2-3 signed from the previous class, the staff needs to start hitting the JUCO circuit hard. Matthews graduates and it's not out of the question that both Cedric Ogbuehi and Jarvis Harrison leave early for the draft as both are academic seniors anyway.

If there is one concern about the program's pipeline going forward, it's at offensive line.

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