Websider Fall Practice Report - Day 8

The Aggies worked out twice on Monday, with the media allowed on the grass practice fields for the afternoon session. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop details Day 8 of fall training camp.

The Aggies worked out twice on Monday, with the media allowed on the grass practice fields for the afternoon session. During the brief 11-on-11 live sessions, one thing was clear. The true freshmen are starting to make a move into the rotation after Saturday's scrimmage.

While there isn't a true freshman yet on the starting units, there were a total of 11 on the second team including four on offense and a whopping seven on the second team defense.

Freshmen like Kenny Hill, Darian Claiborne, Shaan Washington, and Jonathan Wiggins made their first appearance on the second team defense in the early 11-on-11 session with media access.

Here's who participated on the first and second teams:

1st Team Offense

OL Matthews, Harrison, Matthews, Ifedi, Ogbuehi
WR Evans, Holmes, Kennedy, Walker
RB Malena
QB Manziel

2nd Team Offense

OL Stuckey, Gramling, Compton, Klinke, Cheek
WR Pope, Seals-Jones, Gonzalez, LaRue
RB Williams/Carson
QB Kenny Hill

1st Team Defense

DL Obioha, Williams, Stansbury
LB Askew, Baggs, Jenkins
DB Harris, Everett, Matthews, Raven, Hurd

2nd Team Defense

DL Hall, Walker, Tyrone Taylor
LB Washington, Claiborne, Sanders
DB Sezer, Garner, Wiggins, Moeller, Ellis

Manziel completed a couple of short-to-medium passes to Holmes and Kennedy, but the drive stalled and one of the walk-on kickers drilled a long field goal. With the second unit, Kenny Hill completed an 8-10 yard pass to Ed Pope, but he overthrew Sebastian LaRue on a deep ball where he beat Garner by a step. The second unit missed its field goal and that's it.

For the past 2-3 practices, the staff has been rotating in true freshmen LB's with the second unit, and they've all looked very promising. Bret Wade had a solid Friday practice along with The Maestro. On Monday, Washington and Claiborne showed well. Chevis also had his chances to prove himself with the second unit.

I spoke to somebody that talked to the staff right after the first scrimmage and they are extremely pleased with the defensive freshmen players as a whole and overall they feel very confident that with what they seen so far, they believe this will be a good Texas A&M defense.

It will be extraordinary if the A&M staff plays as many as 12-13 players from the 2013 class, especially when so many veteran starters and contributors return in 2013 after an 11-win season.

I'm not sure Kenny Hill's participation with the second unit tells us anything about the back-up QB competition just yet, but it does tell us he's in the hunt and worthy of the attention and follow-up. He throws a nice ball and has composure beyond his years, but what we don't know is how he'll handle the pressure and the live reads...but he looks good now.

This team is quickly improving in talent and depth at all areas (except OL depth).

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