Websider Fall Practice Report - Day 9

The Texas Aggie football team has hit the dog days of fall training camp in its ninth day of camp. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop details the latest from the Texas A&M football grass practice fields.

We're getting into the dog days of fall camp and with having access to the first 20 minutes, we're basically watching the same drills over and over every day. The 11-on-11's provide the only new information these days and I focused on these reps both in the photo gallery and this report.

There were no changes with either offensive unit other than Matt Joeckel leading the second unit. The defense saw several changes in both units depending on scheme. The offenses utilized a tight end for one of the few times in this early 11-on-11 session this fall. That allowed the defense to go to traditional 4-3 scheme at times for the first time in our limited access. HEre were the rotations:

1st Team Offense

OL Matthews, Harrison, Matthews, Ifedi, Ogbuehi
TE Hicks (on some plays)
WR Evans, Holmes, Kennedy, Walker
RB Malena
QB Manziel

2nd Team Offense

OL Stuckey, Gramling, Compton, Klinke, Cheek
TE Clear (on some plays)
WR Pope, Gonzalez, Seals-Jones, LaRue
RB Carson
QB Joeckel

1st Team Defense

DL Tyrell Taylor, Ennis, Williams, Obioha (On passing downs, Ennis exited, and Askew in)
LB Jenkins, Baggs, Askew(passing downs)
DB Jacobs (1st series), Harris, Matthews, Honeycutt (1st series), Everett and Raven (2nd series)

2nd Team Defense

DL Hall, Walker, Manning, Tyrone Taylor
LB Claiborne, Sanders, Mastrogiovanni
DB Sezer, Wiggins, Moeller, Garner

For the second consecutive practice, neither offensive unit could reach the end zone. This also includes an extra series by the first team offense. The defense seems to be turning the corner and playing well. With the second unit, the migration of freshmen to the second unit is significant. The 2-3 freshman on the defensive line is well documented, but freshmen linebackers Darian Claiborne and Jordan Mastrogiovanni continue to get increased reps with the 2's after Saturday's scrimmage.

THere has been some talk of Deshazor Everett's and Floyd Raven's recent struggles although I think fans are taking too much stock into those reports, as they sill make some nice plays in traffic. Anyway, both EVerett and Raven gave way to Clay Honnycutt and Tremaine Jacobs but I think that's being done to train the 2nd teamers since EVerett and Raven are likely to miss 1-2 games.

Tavares Garner manned one corner and did a pretty decent job on LaRue. I really like what I've seen from Claiborne and Mastrogiovanni as well as Tommy Sanders.

Beside a tough, hard-working run by Tra Carson where he dragged tacklers for 3-4 yards, the running game was not able to move the ball against the defense. All pass completions were of the short variety with Evans and Holmes extending some plays another 5-6 yards via their feet.

For the second straight practice, there were no big plays and only Joeckel tried to go deep to Seals-Jones but overthrew him.

Bottom line, Coach Snyder and the defense have controlled these early 11-on-11 early sessions in week two of fall camp and the young fish defenders are making huge strides on the learning curve.

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