Websider Fall Practice Report - Day 11

Thursday's practice was highlighted by several switches in the offensive line rotation and a big touchdown run by Trey Williams in the 11-on-11 live drill. Aggie Websider's David Sandhop provides details from the grass practice fields.

Thursday's practice was highlighted by several switches in the offensive line rotation and a big touchdown run by Trey Williams in the 11-on-11 live drill.

As I mentioned immediately after practice, a minor injury to right tackle Cedric Ogbuehi caused several changes to the offensive line rotation on Thursday. Until Thursday, there had been no changes in the first two units. But as Coach McKinney alluded to last week in a press briefing, the staff would put the best five linemen on the field regardless of position.

So with Ogbuehi sitting out on Thursday, Coach Anderson shifted Jarvis Harrison from left guard to left tackle, sending Jake Matthews back to his right tackle spot of the past three years. That opened up the left guard position for Garrett Gramling, promoted from the second unit.

As a result, there were several surprising moves to the second unit. Shep Klinke moved over from right guard to left guard. A mainstay at right tackle, Joseph Cheek shifted to right guard which opened up the second team tackle spot for walk-on freshman Ryan Lindblade. The 6-foot-7, 300-pound OL originally signed with UTEP in 2011 but did not attend the school. There is no record of where he's been the past two years, but he's listed as a freshman.

Is this just a one-day experiment or a signal that a change in the pecking order is taking place? At this point, we don't know. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in the rotation during the Saturday scrimmage.

There were also some other changes in the two-deep rotations for the 11-on-11 live drills due to injuries. Sitting out Thursday along with Ogbuehi was Gavin Stansbury, Mike Evans, Deshazor Everett, Jonathan Wiggins, and Shaan Washington. With the exception of Everett's broken thumb, the injuries appeared to be minor in nature.

Both units ran two series, with the defenses changing up between a 3-3-5 and a 4-2-5 in each series.

1st Team Offense

OL Harrison, Gramling, Matthews, Ifedi, Matthews
WR Labhart, Holmes, Kennedy, Walker
RB Carson
QB Manziel

2nd Team Offense

OL Stuckey, Klinke, Compton, Cheek, Lindblade
WR Jaquay Williams, Seals-Jones, Tabuyo, LaRue (Parker 2nd series)
RB Trey Williams
QB Matt Joeckel

1st Team Defense


DL Obioha, Williams, Tyrell Taylor
LB Askew, Baggs, Jenkins
DB Jacobs, Harris, Hurd, Honeycutt, Matthews


DL Obioha, Williams, Ennis, Tyrell Taylor
LB Jenkins, Baggs
DB Jacobs, Harris, Hurd, Honeycutt, Matthews

2nd Team Defense


DL Hall, Golden, Tyrone Taylor
LB Bass, Claiborne, Sanders
DB Davis, Garner, Ellis, Raven, Moeller


DL Hall, Golden, Manning, Taylor
LB Sanders, Claiborne
DB Davis, Garner, Ellis, Raven, Moeller

As far as results from the live drills, the first team offense continued its dry spell and didn't find the end zone for a third straight day. Manziel and the offense have been focusing on shorter routes and really haven't taken many shots downfield this week. He did complete a couple of passes to Malcolme Kennedy while Tra Carson had an impressive 10-15 yard run. Carson has been running lower in recent days and it's showing up in his performance in the live drills with two impressive runs in as many days. The offense did manage to get in field goal range and came away with 3 points on one series, but were held scoreless in the first series.

The first team defense blitzed several times, and had some success with Donnie Baggs registering a sack and other times forcing Manziel to scramble to buy time.

The second team offense had a little more success. Matt Joeckel completed a pass to Jeremy Tabuyo and the drive was topped off by a very nice run by Trey Williams who looked stuffed on a sweep to his left, but he popped out of the congestion and flew down the sideline and eventually scored on a critical block by freshman Sebastian LaRue.

But Joeckel also missed some big opportunities, missing Kyrion Parker on a deep route who had gained a step on high school teammate Tavares Garner. In he first series, Ricky Seals-Jones had slipped behind coverage in the middle of the field and an accurate pass may have resulted in a long touchdown, but Joeckel's pass was overthrown by a step.

On defense, Darian Claiborne continues to thrive in the Mike position and he registered a sack. While the staff has been frequently rotating different LB's with the second team throughout fall camp, it appears Claiborne is on the verge of nailing down his spot with the second team having been in the Mike spot for the past 3-4 days.

With the injury to Deshazor Everett, that allowed freshman Victor Davis to see time at cornerback with the second unit. Also, keep a close eye on the safety spot where veteran Clay Honeycutt has been running with the first team for the past several days, and Floyd Raven is running with the second unit. Is that permanent or is the staff giving Honeycutt reps since Raven is expected to be suspended for the first game against Rice? I don't know, but Honeycutt has had a very good fall camp. Again, the Saturday scrimmage will be very telling with this battle.

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