Websider Prognosticator Panel - Rice

It's a new college football season, and that means it's another year of Websider's Prognosticator Panel. See your favorite posters post the exact score of the game and see who wins big.


Texas A&M – 62
Rice - 9

I think there is no doubt in the outcome, but there could be a pretty big swing in the point differential given the special circumstances. I'm betting on Hill trotting out first and play the entire half. We should be fairly run heavy with safe passes to #13 or dump offs to the RBs. No doubt we churn up their D. I don't see any reason unless there is a total meltdown that it won't be 24 points at half minimum. Then the excitement starts. How much work does JFF get? Bet we see maybe 3 TDs and a couple of hi-lite scrambles. Would hate to see him out there during too much garbage time. The bigger surprise will be our D. We see some ball hawking, some blowups, and a whole lot of nastiness to set the tone. Miss one EP just for old times sake. Vintage A&M/Rice, 62-9.


Texas A&M - 45
Rice - 10

A&M wins easily although not as much as many want. The game will not be as close as the score ends up, but not having Manziel in the first half will cost us some so it stays closer-but not much. Ags roll and only Rice TD is on a typical early season dropped coverage and a FG off a turnover on offense due to youth.


Texas A&M - 69
Rice - 3

The hooters simply cannot withstand the size, strength, and speed that A&M will field this year. We dominate the first half with the Rice offense never crossing the 50 and the D registering a score for a 27-0 half-time lead. Manziel puts up 5 TDs (3 passing, 2 rushing) in the 3rd racing away to a 62-0 blow-out. The 2nd string registers one more score late and Rice puts up one FG in the 4th to avoid the shut-out.


Texas A&M - 59
Rice - 13

Texas A&M Fighting Texas Aggies vs Uncle Ben's favorite dish. Poor Rice. Their best hope for this game is they play well enough in the first half to make it respectable, before the reigning Heisman winner takes the field and shreds them. Too bad that just doesn't happen. Matt Davis starts and puts up 31 points in the first half. Johnny takes the field to start the 2nd half and promptly puts up 14 more before Joeckle is brought in to clean up. Final score: A&M 59, Rice 13


Texas A&M - 56
Rice - 17

With heat indices approaching 110 F, the Ags meet their former SWC foes for the first time since 1995. This will not be a happy reunion for the Owls, even with Johnny Manziel sitting out the first half. The fact that Manziel will be coming in to start the 3rd may make it even worse. I expect Sumlin to start Hill and to focus on the ground game with a pass mixed in here and there for good measure. This will likely keep the Ags offensive production under 30 in the first half. Just how many points A&M will pile on the Owls in the 2nd half will be dependent on how long Manziel plays - which in turn will be dependent on how long Sumlin wants to keep the 1st string O Line in. Expect the Owls to put up a couple TDs and a FG or two but that's about it. Unlike USCe's Clowney, the Aggie D will be a conditioned machine despite the heat and Owl scores will likely only come from first game missed assignments. Final score: Ags 56, Owls 17.


Texas A&M - 59
Rice - 13

I don't have much to say about this one. I highly respect Coach Baliff and he has a veteran team but they just don't stack up to us talent wise. I think we score at will after the first couple of drives.


Texas A&M - 59
Rice - 13

Well, with the rumor of additional suspensions in the A&M defense, a major blow is dealt to an otherwise easy prediction. However, despite playing several backups at key positions, A&M will coast to an easy win on the back of a simply incredible offense. Look for 200 yards passing, 100 yards rushing, and 3 touchdowns from Johnny Football as the Ags win by 32.


Texas A&M - 49
Rice - 17

Rice ended the 2012 campaign on a five –game winning streak and a bowl trophy, and the Owls have 18 veterans returning. On the other hand, the Aggies are extremely young on defense with as many as 10 true freshman slated to see action in the extreme heat. The 100 degree temperatures will force both teams to substitute frequently and that means inexperience for the freshman-laiden Aggie second unit. Still, A&M will outclass the Owls on offense with superior speed, strength, and stamina. The Aggies will have their way on offense, but will give up some yards and a couple of scores on defense. Matt Joeckel will have a solid showing, and Manziel will do his thing in the second half. I think Ben Malena, Trey Williams, and Mike Evans will be the primary playmakers and will have a good game.

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